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  1. Bishop

    Park Lake Action

    Took the kayak out to our local park lake (Prado Regional Park, Chino) yesterday . They had a trout derby Saturday, so I thought I'd see if there were any leftovers from the big fish stock. The day was going pretty slow until this one hit around 3pm, 8.04 lbs.
  2. Bishop

    Got a nice bass

    Took the yak out to my local lake, Prado Park, Chino. Slow fishing all day, but got a nice one before I left. Of course the other guys on the water were saying it was great last week with 10-15 fish days. Seems like I'm always a week late.
  3. Bishop

    2015 Big Bear Carp Shoot

    I gotta try this someday
  4. Bishop

    Big Bear Lake

    Got out on the kayak at Big Bear Lake this week. No luck on the bass, but got a few trout. This was the best one. Getting some good exercise though. From where I launch at Boulder Bay it takes a hour of paddling to get to the dam where the trout hang out.
  5. Bishop

    New coyote gun

    Ares Defense SCR lower receiver, DPMS .223/ 5.56 upper receiver. Burris Fullfield II 3-9X40 scope with night lit reticle. Nice thing about this lower is it will take any AR-15 upper and AR mags. No pistol grip, so no need for a bullet button. And if you already have some pre-ban 20-30 rd...
  6. Bishop

    SOLD***Browning Superposed 12 Ga. O/U***SOLD

    Make: Browning Model: Superposed Caliber: 12 Ga. Location (city or county): Chino (San Bernardino Co) Price: $800+dros $750+dros Will ship (Y/N): No Other info: This is a 1975 vintage Browning Superposed (Belgium) in good condition. 27.5" barrel, choked "Mod" and "ImpCyl". Barrel...
  7. Bishop

    SOLD****Mossberg 935 combo****SOLD

    Very good-excellent condition, Mossberg 935 (12ga. 3 1/2" magnum). It has a Mossy Oak camo pattern, with a standard 28" barrel and 24" turkey barrel with front and rear sights. Both barrels have choke tubes. The few times I've shot it, it functioned flawlessly. I'm in Chino, so we can do...
  8. Bishop

    California fishermen land court ruling California fishermen land court ruling In monumental decision, California 3rd District Court of Appeals rules for fish farmers, stocking By Ed Zieralski4:28 p.m.Feb. 10, 2015 Like a lot of government agencies, the...
  9. Bishop

    How Junior Hunts became Apprentice Hunts

    Last friday we had our annual conferance for the County Fish & Game Commissions in So. Cal. One of our guest speakers was Sonke Mastrup, the Executive Director of the Ca. Fish & Game Commission. Sonke is a career DFW employee, and not a political appointee like the commissioners or DFW...
  10. Bishop

    first smallmouth

    Up in Big Bear for a few days of yak fishing. Was looking for the crappie I got into last month, but no luck so far. Did end up getting my first ever smallmouth bass.
  11. Bishop

    Slow day at Big Bear

    Took the yak out on the lake for some afternoon trout. Too lazy to get up early. Didn't get any, but caught a bass and nice crappie ( by Big Bear standards).
  12. Bishop

    Crowley Lake

    Well the wife's kicking my butt so far. Today's she got a 4# rainbow, and two 2# browns.
  13. Bishop

    Took the new Yak out for a spin

    Took out the yak to our local lake (Prado Park) for a try. Pretty slow day, but managed to get a 3.5# catfish and 2.5# rainbow.
  14. Bishop

    Southern California Turkey Hunting Clinic Coming Soon

    Southern California Turkey Hunting Clinic Coming Soon The California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (CDFW) Advanced Hunter Education Program and the Hunter Education Instructor Association of Southern California are jointly sponsoring a turkey-hunting clinic on March 15 at Hungry Valley...
  15. Bishop

    Ca DFW to Hold So. Cal Meetings

    California Department of Fish and Wildlife Announcement October 11, 2013 Contact: Armand Gonzales, SWAP Project Lead, (916) 616-0691 Carol Singleton, CDFW Communications, (916) 322-8962 CDFW to Hold...
  16. Bishop


    Up in Mammoth for the week. First time I can remember the temps hitting 91 degrees. Fish are still biting. Here's a brown from lower Mammoth creek.
  17. Bishop

    Some Park Cats

    Hit my local park lake (Prado) Friday for some cat fishing before the holiday weekend crowd arrived.  Actually, it's a pretty nice area for being so close to home.  Camping and fishing at the park, dog training next door, golf or shooting across the street, and bow shooting across from the...
  18. Bishop

    This is so idiotic......

    This is so idiotic, California will probably make a law requiring it.    
  19. Bishop

    Another .44 Mag for the Collection

    Added another .44 magnum to the collection. S&W 329PD AirLite. Scandium alloy frame, titanium cylinder, stainless steel barrel, 25.1 ounces. Since my other 44 magnums weight over 48 ounces, the recoil on this one should be interesting.
  20. Bishop

    SOLD***For Sale: Browning A-Bolt 22-250***SOLD

    Make: Browning Model: A-Bolt Caliber: 22-250 Location (city or county): Chino (So Cal) Price: $500 obo + dros Will ship (Y/N): No Other info: This is Browning A-Bolt in very good to excellent condition. It has a blue steel finish, with a Simmons ProHunter 4-12X44 scope, and Browning sling.