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  1. ofdscooby

    Bandtailed Pigeon Hunting

    So I guess hunting Bandtail Pigeon is popular? I did not think I would be hiking into the woods this morning with a shotgun but I did. The mountain was loaded with people this morning and there were about 30 cars parked near the campground we hunted out of. I don’t know where everyone went but...
  2. ofdscooby

    Where to camp

    Looking for a fun camping adventure with the family. Looking for something where I can maybe go fishing or something fun. My wife has a bad knee so we dont hike much. I would love to find somewhere fun in the western Sierras where I dont have to drive much to get decent fishing. Let me know if...
  3. ofdscooby

    AZ 3A3C

    Today, 07:04 PM Hey homies anyone got any intel on 3A3C been here for a couple days now having a blast turned up a nice bull scouting but he disappeared after the snow and opening day hit. I showed up helping some buddies with my glass and pack and we need a little help. Been hammering this unit...
  4. ofdscooby

    AZ 3a3c

    Hey homies anyone got any intel on 3A3C been here for a couple days now having a blast turned up a nice bull scouting but he disappeared after the snow and opening day hit. I showed up helping some buddies with my glass and pack and we need a little help. Been hammering this unit pretty good but...
  5. ofdscooby

    Wal Mart rant

    I try to avoid Wal Mart at all costs the place is like an episode of the walking dead. However when you need something from a grocery section, RV section,camping section, and something from a hardware section that’s your place. Well after wandering around and talking to employees that I was...
  6. ofdscooby

    We did OK

    What a blast these kids had nerves of steel and handled business. I love this state I just wish there were more elk I think we killed the last 2 .
  7. ofdscooby

    Kids dream gun

    My good friend and long time hunting partner happens to own a landscape company and we worked out a materials for gun type trade. We are just finishing this kid build for the youth cow hunt up in Payson next week. This gun is just for his kids we put the LOP of the stock at 12.5 not too short...
  8. ofdscooby

    Where is Steve

    I haven’t seen a turkey season go by without Sprig posting up his hunts of the season. Is he still alive? Did he jump ship? I hope he’s OK.
  9. ofdscooby

    Land of disappointment

    My plan to get my daughter her first deer at 10 right after her birthday just got squashed. AZ just yanked the antlerless deer tag for the area I know he best and it looks like there’s only one antlerless option for the state this year. Oh well dad may just have to snag a tag to redeem himself...
  10. ofdscooby

    Looking at new wheels and tires

    I’m looking at some new wheels and tires for my truck it’s a tundra with a leveling kit. What size tires can I comfortably put on without rubbing and what offset do I need to get them at least even with the fenders if not out about and inch. I want to stick with 18 rims. I have no idea about...
  11. ofdscooby

    Eberlestock J34

    I've had this pack for a couple years I bought it for the scabbard part of it but I like using a bi-pod and my scopes dont fit that great into it so its got to go. It is a very clean well taken care of pack it has no rips, stains, punctures, tears, missing buckles, or problems of any kind. I...
  12. ofdscooby

    I just screwed myself out of an elk tag

    Well I don’t know where to start it’s been a long day. Landed yesterday at the airport here in San Diego. Went home packed my stuff and headed off to Arizon and got into the desert late and made camp. Before first lite I made some coffee and eggs and set out for a little stroll. Found a high...
  13. ofdscooby

    1 day 1 bullet 1 spork

    I have a lot of stuff going on this season good stuff like two other AZ tags and a Monday night game at Lambeau next Monday. So with limited time I got out this morning for a little hike to take a look at a spot I haven’t hit up in a couple years. I was very pleased with the amount of deer out...
  14. ofdscooby

    All copper slayer

    Took my buddies .280 ai out that I built for him it's the same as mine except for the color scheme. We're running 140 grain TSX's with 65.5 of IMR 4350 his is running at 3000 and mine a little slower but same accuracy. Here's a couple videos from last week you can tell which one is the far shot...
  15. ofdscooby

    Barrett Lake

    I have a ticket on Wednesday June 14th and some family stuff came up and I have to give up my ticket. I already talked to the SD county lakes people and they said I could sell the ticket at face value and add someones name to the list to use the ticket. So if anyone wants a Barrett ticket for...
  16. ofdscooby

    Need to freshen up the gear

    I don't fish in the Ocean much but I can't stand using crap gear so I'm trying to freshen up my set ups a little with out going overboard. I have 2 sealines set up with 20 and 30 lb and I would like to get new rods for them I don't want to get the best but definitely don't want the cheapest I'm...
  17. ofdscooby

    I got a good one

    What do you think are the NR draw odds to shoot a D-16 deer. I have a buddy that wants to shoot one of our messed up little costal black tails just to say he did. He's got a real need to take down a so cal forky. I'm gonna hit the books and look for the odds but if you know em share em.
  18. ofdscooby

    Jake or Hen

    I'm hiking in kinda far tomorrow and can't take both decoys so it's one or the other when using only one decoy which is the better choice. I have a DSD hen or a Avian Jake. I know the obvious answer is don't hunt so far from the road but you gotta work with me here.
  19. ofdscooby

    AZ CC hits

    Had a buddy tell me hits are gonna start going out soon looked at my CC and it didn't show a charge but my available credit was about a bull tag less than usual. I called and the CC man on the other end said there is a pendin charge to AZ so yeah I got that going for me. Now it's a waiting game...
  20. ofdscooby

    need a goose guide

    I have a buddy that lives in AZ and for some reason he wants to shoot some snow geese. Are there any guides around the sea that could put him on some geese I told him I would join and split the cost. FYI my buddy knows AZ like the back of his hand and will most likely guide in AZ once he is done...