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  1. Nimrod

    Doves and ducks

    I have been promising to take my assistant from work out on a fishing or hunting adventure for at least a year. Andrew, 25, is very good at his job and a fine young man! With dove season opening up again this past weekend I figured it would give us some options to show him what the action looks...
  2. Nimrod

    Senator Mike of the good guys

    Received this email from Senator Mike Morell representing the 23rd district. He's on our side. Props to one of the good guys :smiley-usa: He even includes a link to 'Gun owners of California' website.
  3. Nimrod

    Salton sea walk

    Just stumbled across this over the weekend so forgive me if this has been posted here already. A guy from Rancho Cucamonga did a walk around the Salton Sea last June to raise awareness about the Sea's demise. I found it to be an interesting read since much of it was familiar. Some other...
  4. Nimrod

    Nice morning at SJ

    Pulled a # 29 for SJ on Halloween. My first ressie there since the system went online in '11. Woohoo! 1 for 53 now...A number of our regular crew were out of town or working so Kaden and I took along my nephew John (11 yrs old, his very first hunting experience...non-shooter) and Kaden's college...
  5. Nimrod

    Stop the lead fishing weight ban

    As you may have seen in WON, the California Sportfishing League has a petition going to delist fishing gear and weights from the State's Priority Product Work Plan. In other words to keep them from banning lead fishing weights. Here is a link to the petition...Super quick and easy...Just name...
  6. Nimrod

    Wader Repair

    Hey Guys! Time to start getting the gear ready and I have a couple of pairs of waders in need of repair. Have any of you tried the Rustoleum Neverwet products on waders? Neoprene or breathables? On the rubber boots?They have an all purpose product and one for outdoor fabrics. Thinking about...
  7. Nimrod

    Santa Barbara/ more time...

    For Christmas my daughter gave me a 'coupon' which stated that she would pay my way on a 3/4 day trip on the Stardust which fishes out of Santa Barbara where she attends UCSB. This will be our 4th time out in the last 3 years. Great boat, crew and fishing. It may be a while before we make it...
  8. Nimrod

    Got a few doves!

    Kaden and I got out last weekend. A real treat these days now that he is off to college (Mechanical engineering @ Cal Baptist and killin' it!) We managed to knock down 16 doves in a couple of hours (he beat me 9-7 :-) ) Hope to get out over the Thanksgiving break. God is good!-Mark
  9. Nimrod

    Lake Havasu Striper Derby ?

    Mikarah and I are heading up to Lake Havasu tomorrow for the Western Outdoor News Striper Derby. Just wondering if there are any fellow TOF'ers going up. Looks like its gonna be HOT! Has anyone fished stripers up there recently? Any info or advice is appreciated! God bless, Mark
  10. Nimrod

    Best site for ocean conditions?

    Hey Guys, Just wondering what site(s) you use to check on ocean conditions...wind, waves, swell, temp. tides etc? Any suggestions will be appreciated and the simpler the better :smiley-wnk-yellow: . Thanks - Mark
  11. Nimrod

    Got some doves last week

    Great day in the IV! Hate to see dove season close...great year though!
  12. Nimrod

    Kid Hits the Trifecta!

    Kaden did in one morning what I've been trying to do for a lifetime! So we each had a Green wing and cinnamon drake in our bag and needed just 2 more birds to fill out limits. We had walked out and were going to pick up some of our decoys when my gun fell out of the crook of my arm right into...
  13. Nimrod

    Fun Hunt...Nice Photos

    Kaden was off college for the week and we were able to hit the I.V. for a nice combo hunt on Monday and Tuesday. I had to be to work by noon on Tuesday so it was up to him to get the gear and birds cleaned once we got home. I asked him to be sure to get some photos of the harvest before he...
  14. Nimrod

    Wister Blue

    Had A nice day at Wister on Saturday. Went out on a top ten reservation and were disappointed to find a mud flat on one side of the levee. Oh well, set up on the other side and managed 12 ducks for 4 of us including a first duck for my buddy's 12 year old daughter. We brought this guy down just...
  15. Nimrod

    First Upland Outing of the Season

    Took the boys out to tromp the hills for a few hours today. Got into 2 coveys and brought home 9 birds and a bunny. Great weather, Good workout...Sage, sweat and sore feet :smiley-yellow:
  16. Nimrod

    Wister Memories!

    We had a great time at Wister this weekend. My daughter Mikarah has hunted ducks with me several times over the last couple of years and has bagged a couple of coots and ruddies. Her prayer for this weekend was to bag her first 'real duck'...preferably a teal or mallard. We were some of the last...
  17. Nimrod

    Stardust Memories! 3/4 day trip

    So, my daughter Marin is a student at UC Santa Barbara and while home for spring break she says ‘Dad,  I’m looking out at those islands every day and I think we should go fish ‘em’.  Well, gosh, twist my arm…We set the date for April 26th and made reservations on the Stardust out of SEA Landing...
  18. Nimrod

    Merry Christmas Eve

    Made a solo bonzai run to the IV for a little duck/dove double header. Nothing but Greenwings flying but they l flew well for the first half hour. Had to walk about a mile per dove today but was just glad to get a few on the last day of the season.Merry Christman TOF'ers and a blessed new year...
  19. Nimrod

    Fun (and productive) weekend

    Er...uh...Like 'Michael' that is... So Kaden and I headed down to the IV saturday with visions of Michael's past tailgate pictures dancing in our heads. We hit the dove fields first for 19 birds and then hit the water for some ducks ( 1pin, 1cinnamon, 1ringneck and 1 green wing). Managed 1...
  20. Nimrod

    (Spoony) Jerky recipe

    Someone asked me for my spoony jerky recipe and I figured if I was going to write it out I might as well post it here. This is the same method I use to make beef, chicken or any other type of jerky. Supplies: meat: sliced thin plastic or glass flat bottom marinating pan Mr. Yoshidas original...