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  1. 'Ike'

    Nevada Upland Opener

    We’ll see if there’s a spot to be found...And if she can actually find some birds! ;)
  2. 'Ike'

    Get Your Point Back

    Looks like DF&W will give points back if your hunt is affected by all the closures for fire...
  3. 'Ike'

    Sooooo, Are You Scouting Yet?

    Hell, I’m just trying to get back into shape...Quarantine belly, baby! :D
  4. 'Ike'

    Trainers in NorCal

    Any recommended trainers in NorCal to look at for a GSP? Like to get some good formal training in before seasons start...
  5. 'Ike'

    2020 Bears

    Who picked up Bear tags? Thinking about it...
  6. 'Ike'

    2020 Archery Tags

    NV Late 192 and now A15...What’d ya get? :cool:
  7. 'Ike'


    She hunts...Lol! :D
  8. 'Ike'

    That Time Of Year...

    Helping himself in the garden...
  9. 'Ike'

    1st One Of 2020...

    Lil late, but here’s #1...Down on 04/04!
  10. 'Ike'

    Wyoming Bull

    Did I show you this...;)
  11. 'Ike'

    Wyoming Bull Down

    I’m still recovering, but what a awesome hunt...DIY hunt in a LE Unit! Wind was a ass kicker at 25+ most days, but on the 4th day I put it all together when I called this one into 25 yards in the morning...Not the biggest I chased, but his character won me over, a straight up brawler...Lol Thwack!
  12. 'Ike'

    No One Else...

    Chasing Elk?!? Shocking....
  13. 'Ike'

    Road Trip....

    Oh Arizona, don't tease me.... :smiley-w00t: PHOENIX — Arizona’s skies are expected to be filled with flight after flight of doves when the 2019 season gets underway Sept. 1. One of the wettest winters in years gave doves a much-needed boost in 2019. With most birds pulling off as many as a...
  14. 'Ike'

    House Buck's

    Of course they stand by the 3d...
  15. 'Ike'

    Recall Gruesome Newsom...

    Someone needs too... SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) — California's nation-leading gas prices are set to climb even higher Monday, when the state gas tax increases 5.6 cents a gallon. It's the latest increase from a 2017 law designed to raise about $5 billion a year for road and mass transit...
  16. 'Ike'

    Two Out Of Three

    Ain't bad! Was going for number three this weekend, but I think it's a wash...Ok, I give up trying to load other pictures! One shown, taken Monday, called in one of the few remaining hen's that were roosting and this one and his twin followed her in and then went after my Jake....20# 8.5"...
  17. 'Ike'

    Chocolate Pups

    Any litters coming up, that anyone knows of? Thanks...
  18. 'Ike'


    No one drew WY or AZ?!? You guys are slacking.... :smiley-wave-hello-yellow:
  19. 'Ike'

    A Single Bound

    Cleared it with room to spare...
  20. 'Ike'

    New Law In 2019

    Apply now for it, paperwork will be a nightmare! :smiley-w00t: Starting in 2019, you'll need a CCS Permit!