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  1. Doug

    Whooda thought?!?!?!

    What are you looking for? I can help.
  2. Doug


    When are we going dove hunting, old timer?
  3. Doug

    Yikes...even the black bears are getting into it now...

    On it. Any recommendations on how to go about hunting these beasts?
  4. Doug

    Spring Thunder

    Cause it's about the bird not my pretty face.
  5. Doug

    Spring Thunder

    Got em! Made the $9 round count.
  6. Doug

    Spring Thunder

    Planning on rolling around and blowing the Crow call and keeping quiet.
  7. Doug

    Spring Thunder

    This is just life advice. Thank you
  8. Doug

    Spring Thunder

    It's that time of year. I'm trying my hand at Turkey this year in Tuolumne County. Any seasoned turkey vets got advice for a first timer?
  9. Doug

    Turkey's are gobbling

    Turkey's are gobbling
  10. Doug

    5 day count down... Tues 3/2 Noon

    Reporting in
  11. Doug


    Banged em out!
  12. Doug

    R.I.P LLOYD...

    RIP Llyod.
  13. Doug

    Do Eurasian Dove Count?

    I fully understand the Hunter's Code, been doing this for 5 generations now. What I should've asked was, "do they act like quail or more like dove". Heard some buddies of mine call em Pretty Pigeons on account of their size. I got another question for you though. Do they spook easy like...
  14. Doug

    Do Eurasian Dove Count?

    Hey I'm very interested in taking some of these. Could you possibly give some insight as to what region I should scout in to try and find these Doves?
  15. Doug

    Hunting with a Beagle

    Hit the field do some scouting. Put you dog on a long leash (make sure the Frontline is on 'em). As you walk, stop periodically, tell your dog to sit (reinforces your command even with all the extra stimuli), shoulder up and fire one. Look directly back at em and calm em. Rinse and repeat. Did...