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  1. sportyg

    Wifeys AZ Bull.....EPIC!!!!!!

    That is one awesome elk way to go congrats to you both
  2. sportyg

    El Centro Dove

    now u know the hot fishing spot
  3. sportyg

    D7 3x3

    A great Cal buck grats
  4. sportyg

    Quick trip

    Grats well done
  5. sportyg

    Bear craps on hunter.

    soooooo funny
  6. sportyg

    Learning a New Area

    Grats on drawing an awesome tag, and good luck
  7. sportyg

    19,000 homes approved to be built at Tejon Ranch

    time will tell 19,000 home that is one big project don't see everyone being able to work in the area, also had to laugh at the 50 low income homes guess they are going to sell for 300/400K... no way is that going to do anything to help the homelessness in the LA area.
  8. sportyg

    Bandtailed Pigeon Hunting

    way to go, went to sky Valley today only saw two jacks and a lot of coyote sign and one set of large cat tracks
  9. sportyg

    Deer and chickens

    great job
  10. sportyg

    This is why you make sure they're dead...

    now that is going to leave him a reminder for years on his head.
  11. sportyg


    looks like a nice old boy grats
  12. sportyg

    Not bad for D16........

    congrats great deer you sure put in a lot of miles to get him but well worth it..
  13. sportyg

    Before work hunt

    well done
  14. sportyg

    Well done L.A.

    Time for voters to elect a new city council which won't happen if it holds in LA. SD and SF will soon follow.
  15. sportyg

    Carrot Juice is Murder

    Oh NO may never eat veggies again
  16. sportyg


    ah man if a dog can't parallel a Subaru who can..
  17. sportyg

    Wal Mart rant

    Can't blame the stores for what them fools are buying the stores don't set the rules for what you can and can't buy. with wic or ebt.
  18. sportyg


    That deer just wanted to father a new breed for us to hunt >>>> blond tail deer..
  19. sportyg

    Public land ram solo

    that is one great ram Paul grats
  20. sportyg

    Fund raising tags.

    I put in for them one each deer, elk, and antelope, each year but have yet to get any