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    Mr. Big jr.

    Had cam pics of him for a while- can’t mistake the long hair. Luckily he isn’t the dominate boar and didn’t stink at all- he is eating good!

    Mr. J

    Hit a few spots with no luck and decided to go back to the honey hole. Few gobblers left and finally found a couple dumb ones to play ball. Wild turkey melts for lunch!

    Mr. T

    Made a quick trip in the evening and found this guy strutting his stuff. Snuck ahead of the path he and the Mrs were headed and waited for my opportunity. He came just a little to close- turkey McNuggets on the menu!

    Poachers caught in CA

    Sad day- they seemed like good dudes having shot a few tourneys with them- guess the “my dick is bigger” syndrome set in too much. wonder if DFW ran the DNA to determine if they were black tails or mule deer .

    Tropical island Axis

    I have an addiction to hawaii axis hunting and it isn’t cheap. Covid cancelled my 2020 hunt and having to use my flight money we elected to vacation the end of March and I was hoping for a good axis hunt to be thrown in. Well that island remains closed and it forced me to join a social media...

    EXO K3 3200 bag and frame +++SOLD+++

    Just got this and after some testing feel the K2 just rides better on my frame. tall frame and large belt. 3200 bag and K3 lid. no blood or stains. I only had concrete bags in it. Asking $555 shipped includes PayPal fees.

    WTS/WTT : badlands 4500 and EXO frame

    Have a tall badlands 4500 and a gen1 EXO frame with upgraded K2 shoulder harness for sale or trade. looking for stone glacier or EXO K3 or kuiu frame and will kick in some cash. badlands $180 shipped EXO frame $200

    Pine smoked blacktail

    Figured I would see if a pre pine smoked buck taste better than a non smoked buck- lol

    Badlands 4500 and Eberlestock jp9 for sale WTS

    Badlands size large, used but in great condition with minor staining. Older model with removable hood and stalking backpack. Looking for $150 plus shipping. Eberlestock used but in working order. Has staining but clean and odorless. Comes with spike duffel and waterproof cover. Looking for $200...
  10. JNDEER

    Nikon Fieldscope III ED60

    Title says it. Has been used but is in great condition. Asking $650 TYD insured.
  11. JNDEER


    Made it out again, so much pressure from the public lands have these gobblers way to wise. So, I had to resort to some spot and stalk methods and took advantage of this strutting ol timer thinking with his little head.
  12. JNDEER

    Second weekend

    Got out for a little “backcountry” turkey hunting before the rain came in. Lots of covid-19 hunters out during the week. We managed one and had a miss (all my fault).
  13. JNDEER

    Opening day

    Been a long time since I have been able to make it out for opening day. I gathered the meat heads (brother and cousin) and headed out to our old stomping grounds to find OnX and whatever else is on the market has lead the quiet little honey hole to get overran with hunters. Heard some gobblers...
  14. JNDEER

    Donating hunting clothes

    Anyone know of a good organization or club (if possible in northern CA) I can donate couple bags of hunting clothes I no longer use? Mostly Size L or XL in good wearable condition.
  15. JNDEER

    Quick trip

    Had planned to go for a few days and the weekend, but this guy cut my hunt short.
  16. JNDEER

    Island Adventure

    This has been in the works (at least in my head) starting three years ago when I laid eyes on an axis buck deep in a canyon I hiked into on Maui. This couldn't have happened without the help of guys on this forum, other forums and my brothers IG contacts (big thanks to weekender!). We took the...
  17. JNDEER

    Archery Opener

    No chatter for the opener?.. is the heatwave coming for the opener going to keep everyone off the mountain? My usual hunting companions have all left me high and dry this year. I will be hunting solo, planning for 3 days but we will see how long I last with the 100+ temps for the first two...
  18. JNDEER

    2019 Turkey

    I had one day to get it done. Hit a usual spot that has produced in the past and nothing was around. Made a long drive to another spot and not one single gobble. Hunted from sun up until i found this guy at 2:45. Not sure what the deal was, but there was nothing gobbling anywhere. Had to put the...
  19. JNDEER

    Just for Hatch

    Bro and I made the best of the chilly wet conditions. Read Hatch likes to see the "how you find em" pics... so here you go!
  20. JNDEER

    Out of state adventure part 2

    Back in 2015 my brother cousin and I left CA to find some OTC elk.... well my brother and I went back to try and re-fill the freezers. Now sitting in a motel avoiding the weather advisory that is calling for flooding and golf ball size hail we are waiting for Henderson meats to finish up...