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  1. 00BuckShot

    Just thought I'd say say Hi

    I haven't been into the hunting scene for a couple of years now but as I was browsing around the internet and thought I'd stop in to see how my boys (and girls, Womanhunter) were doing. So how's your duck/goose/quail/chukar/deer/bear/pig season going? I have to admit I saw a pic of ESS in one...
  2. 00BuckShot

    1942 Mosin Nagant 91/30****$125

    I have a Mosin that has been in my safe for about 5 years unfired. If you're interested this firearm is C&R listed and will be sold Cash and Carry. No DROS, no tax.... just come and get her. It comes with all the accessories (Bayonet, oil can, sling, etc). Fun little gun to shoot. Local...
  3. 00BuckShot

    Kids need your help

    I know it's late notice but the Inland Empire Bassmasters is in need of boats tomorrow for our kids tournament. We usually have around 120 kids but this year we have over 160 signed up. This is a chance to get less fortunate kids out on the water and enjoy the sport of fishing. A great day...
  4. 00BuckShot

    Invitation Flyer

    Here is the invitation flyer for anyone interested in joining the club.
  5. 00BuckShot

    Kids Tournament

    The Inland Empire Bassmasters will be holding its annual kids tournament this coming Saturday at Lake Perris SRA. We have had a huge response this year and probably more kids in need of our help than any other year in our history. We have had over 140 children sign up for this great event. IE...
  6. 00BuckShot

    Welcome to the Inland Empire Bassmasters

    Inland Empire Bassmasters Club has been around since 1972 promoting the sport of bass fishing by competitive events as well as education and an annual Kid's Tournament. No Boat? No Problem! Club Founded Over 30 Years Ago 45 Current Members and Growing 12 Tournaments Every Year! One Day...
  7. 00BuckShot

    How Old or How Young...

    ...would you start your kid on a 22LR? (why?)
  8. 00BuckShot

    Update with Pic

    So Mt Goat doesn't get lonely. Here's an updated pic of Sierra....check out them ears!!!!
  9. 00BuckShot

    New "Evil" Black Rifle

    Well, miracle of miracles, my AR upper from finally arrived and I spent the better part of the morning putting the whole thing together on my CA legal Vulcan Arms lower. Replaced the single rail gas block with a 4 rail, stainless 16" 1-9, ER Shaw barrel, A4 upper with standard...
  10. 00BuckShot

    NRA Alert

    Clark County Shooting Park Needs Your Support! Please Contact the BLM Today! The Clark County Shooting Park is a 3,000 acre park outside of Las Vegas that is devoted entirely to the shooting sports. It was created by an Act of Congress that transferred land to Clark County from the federal...
  11. 00BuckShot

    MMMMM...Puppy Breath!!!

    After having a lonely house for a few months the family and I decided it was time to get a new puppy and Mt Goat, once again, came through with flying colors. I get to go pick her up on Sunday and the family and I couldn't be more stoked. Sired by one of his best Walker bear dogs, she's a...
  12. 00BuckShot

    Started GSP needs a new home...

    I am sad to say that my family & I have been put in a position that I need to find a new home for my GSP Ryder. Ryder is three years old and has been trained by one of the best pointing dog trainers that I know. He has spent every summer of his life up at Mt Goats going through boot camp...
  13. 00BuckShot

    Hemet AAMCO

    Thanks Paulc...Thomas took care of me and got my warranty to cover some last minute repairs before it runs out in June. Granted it was stuff that should have been covered to begin with, but I didn't have to deal with all the BS from the dealership. Work was done fast and right! A/C works...
  14. 00BuckShot

    1911, Model 70, Savage 93

    I've decided to make a little room in my safe and get rid of a few things that I don't use. This Winchester Model 70 Super Shadow in .223 WSSM I already had listed but I figured I'll give it another go. This rifle has only seen action 3 times and it has been well taken care of. Maybe 50...
  15. 00BuckShot

    Your Potential....

    Pretty inspirational message....whether you're religious or not. CREATE
  16. 00BuckShot

    Good Samaritan gets Ticketed

    Injured good Samaritan ticketed for jaywalking DENVER A good Samaritan who helped push three people out of the path of a pickup truck before being struck and injured has gotten a strange reward for his good deed: A jaywalking ticket. Family members said 58-year-old bus driver Jim Moffett and...
  17. 00BuckShot

    Can't let Bishop have all the fun!

    Turners had these on sale a few weeks ago and I just couldn't help myself. Newly made legal in CA the Ruger SR9 fit the bill for a striker fired pistol that I have been eyeing. I really haven't liked the Glocks because they are too wide for my grip and the safety always felt kinda funny to me...
  18. 00BuckShot

    Winchester Model 70

    I am selling my Model 70 Super Shadow 223 Winchester Super Short Magnum. This rifle has seen very little use and has been well maintained. I have maybe 50 rounds through it. It's one of the guns that I own that overlaps too many of my current rifles. Great condition I'd rate at 98%. Some...
  19. 00BuckShot


    I recently moved and thought it would be a good time clean the crud and oil the guns. As I was going through all my crap I realized something. I have become on of those guys who will go and buy something just because it's on sale or because I'm getting a good deal or because I think "Hey...
  20. 00BuckShot

    Question for LEO's or

    What is the legality of getting a handgun (or rifle for that matter) handed down from father to son? Do you still have to do a transfer? What if the father resided out of state? Thanks heaps!