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    Turkey tune up 2/22 Lake Sutherland

    Didn't even see this. I posted it again , hopefully it will get some notice.
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    turkey tune up

    this Saturday at lake Sutherland in San Diego is the annual turkey tune up. Starts at 8 with turkey information on local San Diego turkey hunting and lots of local knowledge. This is the only in southern california to get a chance at hunting turkey on basically private land for a cheap price...
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    Nwtf banquet san diego

    The banquet is coming up and we could use your support. 16 guns hunts and other prizes. Should be great time. You can contact Vikki Conner for more info760-789-5200. try to post flyer but it won't let me.
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    Remember Trig? Jake's event 6/22 sign up now!

    Still time for people interested, 35 spots left. Great event for kids
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    CWA Wister Clean Up Day tomorrow Saturday 30th

    Great day to have ir, opener turkey season. :smiley-ugly-lol-bashing-sign:
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    So it is time again for the Lake Sutherland Turkey tune up. Saturday February 23. Get a chance to hunt some of San Diego best Private/public land. Lots of raffle prizes, 2 shotguns Mossberg 835,20 gauge over under, pig hunt, and more. One of probably the best Turkey callers in the state. come...
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    Im a grandpa

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    Best quality BBQ out there

    vermont castings grill. I've had mine for 15 years and it still works great. It sits outside in the rain still looks great.
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    Okay, so I'm just going to brag a little bit

    If there not sheep, she doesn't know what to do.
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    Public land archery hog!

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    Merry Christmas to me....

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    Praying for GOD to put the right doctors and nurses to get the job done the first time. LOVE THIS SIGHT JUST FOR THAT. PEOPLE BEING ABLE TO ASK FOR PRAYER.
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    Dead transmission - 05F150

    what part of town are you in
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    Day 3..... a little grey!

    A man and his dog. Great times. Looks fun
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    A Prayer Request.... Please

    prayers for you and the family
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    Season opener...... Finally!!

    Love that dog, HE is made for the camera. congrats
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    Fall Bass Fishing....

    here you go again. Quality fish for sure. What part of TEXAS are you in???
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    Camera bandits caught red handed!!!

    HATCH you know he just likes to hunt from the car, with a little help from someone else's game camera.
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    My sons first buck! D7 forky

    very cool LOVE THAT SMILE