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    I bought three of these nets for $100 total. They are 75'X75' no rips in them either. Going to try and make one of those decoy nets.
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    S.W.A.T. team standoff at my neighbor's house.

    The cops shot my neighbor. He will not be missed.
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    Cambodian Incursion

    Anyone old enough to remember much? 44 years ago today. I only know what a public school with 100% union employees have told me. The military has fired on US citizens before, will it happen again?
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    Cover Oregon (Oregon Obamacare)
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    Black brant gopro

    You can only see one of them getting shot. Headed to my father's birthday dinner in a few so maybe sometime later this week, I will make a better video.
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    January green heads. GS.

    These are my favorite ducks for sure. Greater scaup.
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    Mallard...Benton Co. WA

    Saturday I was going for all green....should have shot the hens while I had the chance. Suday Little bit tougher hunting. Had a friend drive over and meet up with me. I shot a band too. That's tobacco in my teeth. I brush my teeth...
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    I found this to be slightly entertaining.
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    Black Brant...Pacific Co. WA

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    Hunting and fishing video. It's a good one.

    I can't tell if these guys are real or acting...
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    Hevi-shot ER #2 2 2/3 1 1/8oz Xpert. Look at the hen mallards head. It blew her brains out. 15 yards. Saturday. Wind came too late in the day. This is what we scrapped together. 3 cans and missed a bunch more. I shot 2 of them. Pretty happy to fill my first two can a day limit...
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    T is for Teal

    Just kidding. #2. Loving that Hevi-shot choke though... First bird of the day. I didn't think it was quite that close when I pulled the trigger....
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    Surf Scoter Sunday It was hard to connect for part of the day as the white caps were rough!
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    With the NWR's closed, I couldn't hunt where I normally would like to. Tried to salvage what was left. Saturday; This is my first cinnamon.....or at least I think it is a cinnamon. There is a GWT on the left for comparison. If it's not a cinnamon, please correct me. This was...
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    Saturday- Sunday- My first redhead. Fun times with good friends.
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    Migration last night.

    Specs flew over my house for about 12 hours non-stop last night. I got home around 4 pm from work, they were flying, went to bed at 9, they were still flying, and got up at 3:30 am and they were still going. Never heard that many specs for such a long period. I've only ever killed one as they...
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    Coffee maker suggestions

    My coffee maker quit on me.  It's time for a new one.     I was going to order it online.  I looked on Amazon and can't decide.     I like my coffee black.  I don't grind the coffee, I just buy the can and fill the filter.  Not really looking for frills, bells or whistles on it either.  After...
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    Race Riot Video, 7/19- Sanford, FL

    here is the video
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    America is the greatest country in the world because....

    America is the Greatest country in the world because of freedom equal opportunity for all.         "I hope the and pray some day the world will learn, that fires we don't put our will bigger burn. We must save freedom now at any cost, or someday our own freedom will be lost."   -Johnny Wright
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    Built a stand for sneak boats.

    This will hold four sneak boats.  This particular spot take a 4' tide or higher to hunt.  The stand will hold the boats at the 6'6'' tide mark.  It looks high now but the grass will get taller throughout the summer and during hunting months the high tides will be 7'6'' to 10'.   This stand will...