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  1. hatchet1

    Boys whacked a few..

    again..cant post pics...will this forum ever get back to the way it was? Sorta miss it...buellar?
  2. hatchet1

    Giant down...sweet jesus..

    Cant post pics. Shocking right? Lol..boy 3 dumped a giant..shame..
  3. hatchet1


    Well...looks like i can post pics..enjoy fellas...boys hammered um last weekend...and slammed porky too! They kockblocked me on porky...shocking right?
  4. hatchet1

    Slammed one..

  5. hatchet1

    Last day coues for #1..

    #1 dropped this dink on the last day of the season..5 hunts without seeing a buck will do that..LOL..he and his brothers did all the work..i just stood there and ate. He dropped him on shot #3 at a confirmed 685yds..20× lieca and 18 year old eyes are a deadly combo...extremely proud of these...
  6. hatchet1

    Uggh...we did it..

    Meet Blue...the newest member of the harchet house...let the madness begin..
  7. hatchet1

    R.I.P LLOYD...

    One of the hardest days of our lives around a babbling fool...Loved that dog..until we meet again my boy.
  8. hatchet1

    15.5 inches of twisted freak down!

    Decided to burn my tag on this freak as he has been poluting the 2 acres as a large mutant spike for the last few years..the good lord put a crab on him this year and that was all i needed!! KAPOOW!! Good night Weirdo and good riddens!! Gross!
  9. hatchet1


    What up duckers? Be back in jackastan in 60 hrs...standby for large mammal report..sweetpea is shooting...if its brown its down!! Cant post pics here anymore do to technical issues im assuming? And log in fails quite abit along with any follow up emails..but i will do my part to try to post a...
  10. hatchet1


    Old man guarding his food..somethings never change .
  11. hatchet1

    2019 YOUTH OPENER!!

    I just stood there with these guys...literally...Lord..
  12. hatchet1


    Love me a good coues buck!!
  13. hatchet1

    Was hoping to post some pics?? Buellar???

    I was hoping....
  14. hatchet1

    The ducker blues...

  15. hatchet1

    Passing it on...

    Good stuff here fellas...
  16. hatchet1

    I hate 3 pointers

    Thought id share...i hate 3 pointers..but this is a pretty good one for the desert..
  17. hatchet1

    How were rolling today...

    GROSS!!!! But #3 is my favorite...2 more to go..tuff hunt..these peccary dont like the cold...and its africa cold out here...damn.
  18. hatchet1

    A day for the duckers...

    Just thinking of you guys..tasty!!
  19. hatchet1

    Last of the Swag..

    Just finished the last of this years swag....exhausting..
  20. hatchet1

    A Very Coues Xmas for the Boys!!

    Just finished..Santas work shop be closed!!