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  1. glass eye

    Chestnut Bellied Sandgrouse

    Taken in Kona
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    NZ 2019

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    St. Paul Island Alaska

    Lost 4 days in Anchorage trying to get to St. Paul Island. Day 1 we were over the island when we turned back to Anchorage because the runway was icy. On a refueling stop in Dillingham we all had to get off the plane because a passenger was drinking his own beer on the plane. He was arrested but...
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    Kona upland birds

    Been hunting Hawaii for decades but always in the spring or summer for big game. Always drooled over the upland birds there but their season runs Nov - Jan. so they were always untouchable. This last season I decided to go for it. Now I'm hooked. Already booked flights for next Nov but next time...
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    Adak 2018

    Other than the airlines losing my gun on the trip home, it was a good adventure.
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    AZ unit 4a

    Not considered a trophy unit but it doesn't take long to draw.
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    New Zealand is dying

    Most of you TOFers have seen my post of diy hunts in NZ. I have always urged people to get it while you can because good deals seem to never last. Well, there's a greenie in power there and her mission is to eradicate all non native game animals, that means all big game. She has already begun...
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    Alaska Brown Bear

    Sad to see this leave the shop.
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    Looking for a lab. Pup or young adult.
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    La Panza Tule Elk

    One of my customers called me today to tell me that he drew the state elk fundraiser tag. I convinced him to try for a tule elk. However, the only tule elk available for that tag is La Panza. Do any of you know if there are good numbers of elk on the public land ? Forget the $9,000 for private...
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    CA draw results are up

    "N" across the board for me.
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    All in the family. ;)
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    Stone Sheep

    Not the biggest but it was fun to put together.
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    Cold Bay Alaska video

    Began planning this DIY hunt when I was a teenager in the late 70's. Finally pulled the trigger on it. My footage was limited to cell phone and GoPro video because my camcorder took a salt bath on day 1.
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    Cold Bay Alaska

    Today is the last shoot day of my hunt here, fly out tomorrow afternoon. Just killing some time with wifi at the library. Shoot time isn't until 9:30. Sunrise at 10. Nearly all the brant have migrated out but there is still a ton of them that have chose to winter here.
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    SE Alaska deer & duck
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    Surf's up in SE Alaska

    Off to a good start.
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    Blue (Arctic) Foxes

    Got these on St. Paul Island Alaska.
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    Finally finished this personal piece that I've been picking away at. "Siesta"
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    Local sprig