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  1. 'Ike'

    Nevada Upland Opener

    We’ll see if there’s a spot to be found...And if she can actually find some birds! ;)
  2. 'Ike'

    Forests Closed - FYI

    BLM closures and restrictions....
  3. 'Ike'

    New USFS directives ... ?

  4. 'Ike'

    Get Your Point Back

    Looks like DF&W will give points back if your hunt is affected by all the closures for fire...
  5. 'Ike'

    Forests Closed - FYI

    You could be in Oregon...My folks on the coast, getting hammered as we are here!
  6. 'Ike'

    Forests Closed - FYI

  7. 'Ike'

    Forests Closed - FYI

    Whole west coast...Crazy! Any word on BLM closures...
  8. 'Ike'

    Forests Closed - FYI

    Why you got to me harsh my mellow man...
  9. 'Ike'

    Man, I LOVE Arizona

    Nice....Living the dream!
  10. 'Ike'


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  11. 'Ike'


    Only weird thing for me, is that phone won’t recognize the site now! :confused:
  12. 'Ike'

    Sooooo, Are You Scouting Yet?

    I’m with Chess, I think it got wet...Heart you more!
  13. 'Ike'

    Sooooo, Are You Scouting Yet?

    I started with a pack today, must have tightened up the waist belt when I used it last....:oops:
  14. 'Ike'

    Sooooo, Are You Scouting Yet?

    Hell, I’m just trying to get back into shape...Quarantine belly, baby! :D
  15. 'Ike'

    AB-88 being rammed through

    But of course...Just don’t forget your face mask! SMH
  16. 'Ike'

    Results are up

    “Ass-Shooter”....LMAO, I’m crying....:D
  17. 'Ike'

    Trainers in NorCal

  18. 'Ike'

    Another Trophy poacher...

    No frick'n way....That's to funny, he would tell me about all the big Bucks he was chasing...Damn+
  19. 'Ike'

    Trainers in NorCal

    Any recommended trainers in NorCal to look at for a GSP? Like to get some good formal training in before seasons start...