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  1. socal duckie

    Camera bandits caught red handed!!!

    Had someone send me this today.....
  2. socal duckie

    Desert Wildlife Unlimited Bbq

    The annual Bbq fundraiser is right around the corner...... if you have any questions about sponsorship or donations please let me know.
  3. socal duckie

    New tires for a 2500 4x?

    Need some new shoes for our RAM 2500..... looking for a AT that’s not to loud cruising down the freeway.
  4. socal duckie

    Desert Wildlife Meeting

    I know a few of the guys on here have expressed interest in volunteering to help with is the time to put up or shut up!! The time has come that DWU is asking for help... they need the support of the SOCAL community!!! before you say it..... yeah i know its short notice... my fault...
  5. socal duckie

    Dove opener

    Soooo who's excited to start the 2017/18 season off with a little wing shooting? Weather should be amazing for the opener ........
  6. socal duckie

    It official.... Wolves in Cali So...... I wonder how this will turn out..... I'm sure Cali will do a great job of F ing this up!
  7. socal duckie

    You can't make this ###### up...
  8. socal duckie

    Griz hunt anyone? Wonder how long this will be tied up in court.
  9. socal duckie

    Air travel with a bow?

    Any suggestions on traveling with a bow? I have a hard case and going to add some extra padding inside..... do they have to be locked with non TSA locks like gun cases?
  10. socal duckie

    Another cover....

    You guys get your CWA magazines? My kid got another cover ......
  11. socal duckie

    Summer Yosemite ideas....

    Family vacation this year.... we will be in the Yosemite area for a week. Let's hear some ideas and things we shouldn't miss.
  12. socal duckie

    Tomahawks in the air....

    Phack..... here we go! Trump is doing what Obama should have done when Asad gassed his people the 1st time. Praying this doesn't escalate.... we don't need to lose anymore of our men and women in the military in that fucking desert!
  13. socal duckie

    DWU 35th annual BBQ and gun Raffle

    This ain't no April Fools joke.... this amazing event is just around the corner!!
  14. socal duckie

    Vortex Fury? Optics upgrade for 2017

    Any thoughts on these? The warden and I are stepping up our optics game. Reeeaaalllly like the vortex guarente/warranty!! We Have looked through the Razors and the Vipers, pretty hard to justify double the price on the razors...
  15. socal duckie

    System is working fine.... Are we a sanctuary country?
  16. socal duckie

    Stagecoach 2017

    Anyone interested in 2, 3 day general admission tickets? I also have a reservation for an RV offsite. Just looking to get out cost back. Shoot me a PM if interested.
  17. socal duckie

    Mammal hunting is fun!!!

    After several years of blown stalks, missed shots, miss fires and countless other f-ups..... bagged a trophy!! Having issues uploading pics....
  18. socal duckie

    And so it ends.....

    Had a busy year and wasn't able to duck "shoot" much.... think we hunted a total of 3 times. Being a responsible adult has its down side! The warden and I didn't have many shot opportunities this morning but had a blast! we shot a total of 7 ducks.... with 8 shells! Warden made some great...
  19. socal duckie

    Selling off public lands just got real!
  20. socal duckie

    Florida shooting

    Here we go again..... Looks like this guy served in military and was a couple crayons short of a box! This will change how we are able to fly with guns and ammo!!!!