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  1. sdbrewer

    Waterfowl Gear

    Plug for Frank's trailer at wister. Good selection of stuff and reasonable prices. And owned by two of the nicest folks.
  2. sdbrewer

    There are no birds in the niland area

    Good day with the boy. Miss you wister boys (and girls) and hope you are all well.
  3. sdbrewer

    Wal Mart rant

    But don't you dare repeal that gas tax! We need that revenue (notice it isn't "money" or "tax") for the roads. When I run my household, I budget. I prioritize and start at the top of the list and when the money's gone, the rest doesn't get done. Foreign concept for our beloved leaders...
  4. sdbrewer

    What is the stupidest thing you have seen dove opening day?

    See my post on second page The ibis took the cake.
  5. sdbrewer

    Dove hunting @ WISTER

    I've always been a believer in speed when it comes to steel ammo. I think those steel dove loads are kind of slow. Stocked up on #6 waterfowl loads before the ammo ban took effect. At least Kent and federal make a fast #6 load for 12 and 20 (20 is a little slower and federal offers a #7 in 20)...
  6. sdbrewer

    Draw for opener

    Lowish 20s. Thanks, Brandon. And congrats to you both on the marriage and to your wife on the epic yellow!
  7. sdbrewer

    Draw for opener

    Anyone got any input on Volta? Hesitant as I've got my 74 yo Dad (I went a little overboard on the opening day apps as my Dad doesn't like to hunt anything that isn't a blind or AP -- and of course that's what we drew). But it's tempting . . . I'm sure we could work out a "why don't you let...
  8. sdbrewer

    Draw for opener From that page, you can find maps, descriptions of the pond habitats and past results. It should allow you to make a list of best assigned pond to worst assigned pond. Stay at Granzellas. Eat at Louis Cairos (spelling?). My son's...
  9. sdbrewer

    Draw for opener

    Colusa has assigned ponds.
  10. sdbrewer

    Weird Teal

    We noticed the strange coloring on this teal when we were cleaning birds. Much lighter than the standard model and no green on the wing. Any thoughts? Had a great hunt. He struggled a little on Saturday but worked through the shooting issues (switched guns half way through the day) for a...
  11. sdbrewer

    Cleaning birds

    Matt, I do something similar on pins, mallards and other fatty "top shelf" ducks except that I cut at the vertical breast bone, go the opposite direction and up with two "fillets" with leg and thigh attached. Baking pan with a rack on the outside BBQ as hot as it will go (keeps the smoke out of...
  12. sdbrewer

    Finally got a ressi

    We'll be sweating as well. Don't worry. It'll work out.
  13. sdbrewer

    Full Moon worth it or not?

    Gwt are one of the best eating ducks in my opinion. Very nice shoot for this year!
  14. sdbrewer


    Yep. We shot 5 (4.5 really since one was an "other" as it's entered) on Saturday. And one spoon on a short Sunday morning hunt. But I agree. Tons of food. Pretty habitat. Just a lack of birds. Weird.
  15. sdbrewer


    You don't need ressies now Mr. Clubber! It was good to meet you in person. Whit
  16. sdbrewer

    Finally found some Widgeon!!!!!

    Well, misery loves company. I was out all day and literally did not pull the trigger. Thought I'd forgotten how to hunt ducks. My only consolation was that I saw only two ducks shot in all the neighboring blinds all day - and they had a spinner out - illegal into December 1 right? - anyway...
  17. sdbrewer

    West instead of east

    Yep. Never again. Until then only caught 30 lb or so and never felt the need to become proficient on conventional. I now understand - it's all about the rail. Rods and reels for spinners are fine for larger fish. Proof is in that picture. I was using a 60-100 lb rod and a reel rated for 40 lbs...
  18. sdbrewer

    West instead of east

    New Lo-An. Absolutely top shelf crew.
  19. sdbrewer

    West instead of east

    Well the duck reports haven't been too encouraging but there were rumblings of large blue fin still around. Found the right boat with the right bait and decided that the ocean was the way to go rather than the desert. I'm pleased with my choice. Estimated 70-80. I'm still sore. Junior...
  20. sdbrewer

    How did you vote

    My guiding principle on voting has always been the same: stay out of my life. Don't tell me how to live. Don't take my money. Don't tell me who to marry. Don't tell me what I can and can't do in my own home. Don't tell me how to raise my children. Provided I don't hurt others, leave me alone. In...