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    They are Scoters. Surf, Black and White winged. Taken off the coast of Washington
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    First bird

    Daughter got her first bird today. A stud Cinny. Proud daddy !!! Hope everyone's Jr hunt was great.
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    Jr hunts and taxidermy

    Excited to be hunting with my daughter this weekend for her first hunting trip where she's actually hunting. Like many of you happy dads and moms, this is a great way to expose the sport we love so much to the next generation. It's also a time when we proud parents look to keep these memories in...
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    Couple Teal mounts

    Thank you
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    What kind of duck

    Mexican Mallard drake. Congrats. Hope you kept it. Many guys wouldn't know what they had and that's definetly what it is.
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    Haven't posted in a while

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    Couple Teal mounts

  9. jkent

    Teal slam!

    Heck ya. Another month and they'll be looking better
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    Wow!!! Great pix and great story. Felt like I was there. One you'll never forget
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    Look what I found

    Wow. Decisions. Decisions?? Great pic
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    Mexican Drake

    Nice. I was lucky enough to get one a ditch a few years back in Bakersfield
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    Prairie Chickens

    Very nice
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    Last Drakes of the Year!

    Beautiful group
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    Mexican or Mallard?

    Mexican mallard
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    Little Dry Creek results...

    Great post !!! Never been there but have heard similar reports. For sure, one to remember----thanks
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    Awesome. I shot a drake (1of 3) 2 years ago in the bakersfied area hunting woodducks. Beautiful mount!!
  18. jkent

    Goldeneye & Ringneck

    Not trying to be disrespectful but that was my opinion in a public forum. I think you do wonderful work and have appreciated your prior posts. Knowing your a competitive taxidermists, believed you would of thought different. I also think the bill should of had more gray in the middle as well...
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    Goldeneye & Ringneck

    Looks like the ringneck has bed head
  20. jkent

    Day two numbers?

    Shot a limit from 8--840am. Finished with a triple !!! None of that came close to the time spent with my daughter