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  1. pitdog

    What happened to the "Honey Hole" section?

    Come on man! That was an important section with a lot of helpful info and pictures. :p Howdy TOF'ers, just thought I would drop in and see what was up.
  2. pitdog

    Just a quick question...

    Is this the same Outdoors forum, or did I stumble on something similar? If so, Howdy all! Been a while.
  3. pitdog

    Living in Fawnskin

    So I just hit 3 weeks as a mountain man and it's been a lot of fun. I live in Fawnskin, walking distance to the lake, post office and the Moose Lodge (yes, I became a member). I bought my AO tag and just paid for the annual boat permit. The shore fishing is pretty good if you know where and when...
  4. pitdog

    Slight dilemma - Need to find Jack a home ASAP

    So I sold the house and it's closing Monday the 17th. My wife was supposed to take her dog, but it looks like she's dropped the ball and now he's facing the only option I have and that's the pound. The dog is a 7yr old, pure breed Black Lab named Jack. She bought the dog after I quit duck...
  5. pitdog

    Commiefornia Fun Facts...

    This thread will be a place we can post fun facts about Commiefornia politics and such. So I guess I'll start. This one is probably going to surprise a lot of you but it's an eye openers. California has over 2,093,000 public employees from the feds, state and local agencies...
  6. pitdog

    This explains a lot...

    I knew it was a mental disorder, but this explains the mental illness in detail. Cut and pasted from a cigar forum, complements to the good "Dr. Hydra" "Suffering From Trump Unacceptance & Resistance Disorder (TURD)? TURD is a pattern of pathologically dissociative and psychotic behavior, first...
  7. pitdog

    3 Texas men missing while duck hunting - Found dead

    Probably didn't have life vests. Tragic!
  8. pitdog

    Anyone looking for some snow goose dekes?

    I have several dozen shells with about a dozen or so floats - and a few dozen socks that I haven't used in years and I now need the room. If anyone is interested in buying them, I'll dust them off and take some photos for you. LMK
  9. pitdog

    Please Vote!

    This is as big of an election as they get and California will favor Trump if all of us vote. Remember, CA has elected several Republican Governors in the past, 5 since I've been alive, and when we vote we get results. Please don't pass up this chance to help keep that narcissistic, megalomaniac...
  10. pitdog

    Best Compound bow for hunting deer... Hands down!

    That's my question for you bow hunters. If you could have any compound bow in the world, what would you choose for deer hunting? I'm looking for extreme quiet, durable, etc.. Is a carbon bow the way to go? Thank you in advance.
  11. pitdog


    God said, 'Adam, I want you to do something for Me.' Adam said, 'Gladly, Lord, what do You want me to do?' God said, 'Go down into that valley.' Adam said, 'What's a Valley?' God explained it to him. Then God said, 'Cross the river.' Adam said, 'What's a River?' God explained that To him...
  12. pitdog

    Missing Person/Friend - Palm Springs area

    I posted this on facebook and just thought it would be a good idea to post it here since we have several members in the IV area. Missing: Omar Meza. It's been a frustrating several days since my friend and colleague, Omar Meza, was reported missing after a dinner meeting in Palm Springs. He...
  13. pitdog

    Two NYPD officers 'assassinated'

    This is what happens when race baiters like Obama, De Blasio, sharpton and jackson fan the flames. I'm too pissed off to say what I feel w/out sounding like a racist, but these animals better reel it in before they wake a crowd of proud, red blooded American vigilantes. Prayers for the...
  14. pitdog

    Joke of the day~

    So Obama Walked Into a Local Bank to Cash a Check, Then… President Barack Obama, surrounded by his normal retinue of Secret Service agents, walks into the Chicago branch office of a regional bank to cash a check. “Good morning, ma’am,” he says to the cashier. “I’d like to cash this check.” “Of...
  15. pitdog

    What in the world?... Man's best friend?...

    This is a must have at Weester!
  16. pitdog

    Well, I'll be dogged - Facebook

    I signed on to facebook because it was the only way to view pictures that people send me links to - and it's easier to make comments on news articles. This Facebook thing is something I swore I would never do but I guess I should never say never... So my son showed me how to accept friends...
  17. pitdog

    GPS study tracks grizzlies as they follow hunters

    I guess if you're hunting Griz, that's OK but Great Scott!!! Being stalked by a Grizzly while hunting deer or elk would be a bit eerie. :smiley-yikes:
  18. pitdog

    Richard Overton... Homage to a Real Mans Man!

    108 year old WW2 Vet Smoking Cigars, Whiskey and Guns to the end!
  19. pitdog

    This could get ugly... If it's true

    ISIS have been captured crossing into Texas... WTH? Home Land Security denies it but the boarder agents who arrested them positively identified them as ISIS rebels. If it's true, we need to make this priority one... As soon as he's done fund raising and golfing...
  20. pitdog

    Damn Hackers... I have a tech/hacker question

    So after I left to go deer hunting last Monday I had someone get on my computer remotely and charge 41 random charges. How did they take over my PC? Background: Before I left, my son asked if I would let him donate to an online game called Minecraft. These donations are to buy modified weapons...