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  1. sportyg

    Areas Closed by BLM

    The following areas are closed to target shooting by order of the BLM Sycamore Canyon & Marron Valley Gavilan Hills area Whitewater Canyon ( also closed to hunting)
  2. sportyg

    Quail Spot

    Decided to check out my quail spot today to see what I could find. They were around there heavy before the season started. A couple of my friends hit it on opening day didn't see to many. Got there about 7am and set about finding them after about 3 hours I located 3 coveys of about 6/7 birds...
  3. sportyg

    I Feel Lucky

    :smiley-w00t:Found out today I won a custom predator call from EW Game Calls, by guessing the correct weight of a coyote Prairiewolf shot. !!!
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    Headed down to the rec. area in the next week or so to bow hunt some yard birds.
  5. sportyg

    Long Beard XR

    Wanted to try this ammo out however it is not legal here in Ca.
  6. sportyg

    Who's headed to A22

    I'm one of four who will be in A22, who else will be stomping around the area ??? Purchased my tag on the 2nd as soon as they went on sale at 8AM.
  7. sportyg

    Back Up at Last

    Back in Dec. we broke our laptop screen. All the shops I prices wanted $170 to $200 to replace it. I finally purchased one though the internet for $69.00 w/3 year warrenty. It only took me 20-25 minutes to replace the broken one. Heck should have done it sonner. Shops just charge to much for...
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    Using an Owl Call

    How does one use an owl call....
  9. sportyg


    Who is going to take their turkey with stick & string... I'll be trying..
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    Goose Hunting Opportunities

    DFG to Offer Three Late Season Goose Hunting Opportunities January 27, 2012Leave a Comment Media Contacts: Melanie Weaver, DFG Wildlife Branch, (916) 445-3717 Andrew Hughan, DFG Communications, (916) 322-8944 The California Fish and Game Commission has approved a third 2011/2012 late...
  11. sportyg

    PSE Baby G

    Selling my PSE Baby G 60/70# draw 27" DL Comes with everthing in photos Trophy Taker 5 pin lighted sight Micro ajust drop away rest Kwee Kyiver Limb Saver String Stop Asking 125 + shipping
  12. sportyg

    Climbing Treestand

    Selling a Climbing Treestand. Stand is in excellent shape. asking $100 + shipping if needed. PM for details please.
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    Hunter Protection Bill

    The House Natural Resources Committee just passed H.R. 2834, which requires federal land planning documents to include sportsmens interests, such as hunting, fishing, and target shooting. The bill was introduced to counter the efforts of various environmental and anti-hunting interests to...
  14. sportyg

    S.J. Today

    Every thing went as expected NOT.... :smiley_rotflmao: Had #10 draw. Tom put Bob & I in a great blind. (Thanks Tom). We got out and I set out the deeks. Someone did shart shooting about 8 minutes early not unexpected. Ducks were flying every where. But we held off until shooting time. Missed...
  15. sportyg


    Anyone live in the area ? Wondering if it snowed around there. Headed up there Sunday for a job interview on Monday . Don't know if I need to take chains. With the new storm on Sunday.
  16. sportyg

    Quail Hunt

    Went out yesterday above Hemet, Only saw 1 quail crossing the road at my turn off. In the four hours up there saw two rabbits.. Quail are still scattered or just holding tight in my area. It was hit hard during the opener.. I think a good dog may do good around there... Ole well don't have one..
  17. sportyg

    Hunters Helping Hunters

    As of this passed month Hunters Helping Hunters, has raised and spent about $23,143.00, helping out our fellow hunters and their families in need. I'd like to say "THANK YOU" to all those who have donated to HHH to make this happen. Not bad for a small 501c3 with only 7 or 8 volunteers..
  18. sportyg

    LimbSaver Bows

    Anyone use a LimbSaver DZ 32 ?? I found a great deal on one so I ordered it. Needed a new bow even though I really can't afford to buy one. Boss said go for it so I did. :smiley-dancin-red:
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    BLM just posted a message about the "Poodle Dog Bush" it is like posion oak and takes about two weeks to get rid of. it has purple flowers and can grow to eight feet tall. It grows after a burn so those hunting burn areas look out for it. for more info check out the BLM web site.
  20. sportyg

    X 12 Who's Hunting

    Who will be hunting X 12 this season ??? I for one will be