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  1. Bigolwiggler

    Free. Ruger SR9 magazine.

    I have this factory , 10 rd. , Ruger SR9 (9MM) magazine/clip and have no need for it . I will give it to you for free .....just re-pay me for the shipping . I hate to throw it away . Extra mags are always good ; ) 1st come 1st served. BOW
  2. Bigolwiggler

    Some administration needed here .

    I know , weird spam . As is normal these dayz . ; ) DS2343sd a trolling spammer ???? Just not needed here in my mind BOW
  3. Bigolwiggler

    Launched out of Trinidad Ca.

    Wasnt sure if this story would get much reading here. I recently started checking out I thought "what the heck" . I did do a little editing on it over there ; ) . Love me some crab too. BOW
  4. Bigolwiggler

    Launched out of Trinidad Ca.

    So , I have been closely watching the marine conditions for weeks up here in the real Northern Ca. ; ) I see a good window ( less than 6 ft seas ) The frocast was for 3ft at 6 seconds apart . Very good conditions. I make a bunch of last minute calls to some of my dudes. I have 2 former...
  5. Bigolwiggler

    Is TOF dead?

    Yup , it is why I am scarce in posting my further comments and successes here . I don't brag much and I have a pretty thick skin but this place seemed pretty "click-ish" when I first joined and I wasn't in the "click" . I hope those days are gone and we can help all new comers into hunting...
  6. Bigolwiggler

    Going out of Ft. Bragg .... any pointers ?

    I normally launch out of Eureka or Trinidad but a buddy of mine invited me to his place in Ft. Bragg Ca. We will be setting crab pots and doing some rock cod fishing . ( marine conditions willing ) I have never launched / fished out of there. Do any of you all have any places to start , that...
  7. Bigolwiggler

    Rocky Clan Blacktail.

    Pretty Buck !! and surely tasty. Im settling for bear strogenoeff tonight .....
  8. Bigolwiggler

    New USFS directives ... ?

    I guess that they will determine what "emergency" will close the forest to hunting ?
  9. Bigolwiggler

    Forests Closed - FYI

    Hmmmm ... I have 3 mining claims on USFS land ........ hmmmmm .... Maybe ??
  10. Bigolwiggler

    Forests Closed - FYI

    USFS extends forest closure : /
  11. Bigolwiggler

    I not dead.

    I just have to say .... it was pretty funny ; )
  12. Bigolwiggler

    Drew G1

    May the weather be with you Screwloose ; ) BOW
  13. Bigolwiggler

    2020 Bears

    Hunt Trinity for bears , please thin them out ...... but there are no bucks here so dont waste a tag on that ........ :) BOW
  14. Bigolwiggler

    2020 Bears

    Got mine …. I used to ALWAYS have to get a bigger bear each year or I didn't shoot . Too much testosterone back then . Now I only want about a 150 -180 pounder …..Better meat and easier pack out ; ) Getting smarter . Ate bear last night and tonight again for leftovers . With mashed taters ...
  15. Bigolwiggler

    For those who are interested in Gold prospecting

    Yes , and use other "non motorized" methods.
  16. Bigolwiggler

    For those who are interested in Gold prospecting

    The State Water Resources Board's hand was forced to produce a permit to once again allow for suction dredging . Here is what they came up with . BTW , I own 2 mining claims that are essentially not usable anymore because of this agency and others. This article by the Mining Journal is...
  17. Bigolwiggler

    Girl’s 1st hog

    The smile says it all . Great looking hog . Glad you are taking that girl out there. She will NEVER forget that day. BOW
  18. Bigolwiggler

    Gray wolf found dead in N. California

    Click on this and go to "depredation Investigation" dated 8-16-2019 .......And Others... . Unfortunately , this is also where the wife and I deer hunt : /