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  1. Ambush

    What a mule!!!

    Guys, thought this place was gone!! Here are the fruits of labor of my norcal hunt. Spent 8 days on the ground and was rewarded with this monarch. Bit of a longer shot on a very steep slope. Was so happy to make a quick recovery.
  2. Ambush

    Youth opener

    Saturday didn't work out. Sunday we knew where to be. They flew down and took about a half hour to work in. There were about 7 hens with two strutting jakes. The tom came in a bit late, the jakes started fighting him and running him around. After that he came straight to the jake decoy all...
  3. Ambush

    Crazy Fire Danger

    Well here some of us set. No power due these extreme 6mph winds and 30+ humidity with no power. How will this corporation turn this to screw the rate payer. How will the sheepole gobble it up. How many employees get hurt do to the idoracracy. How does it end.
  4. Ambush

    Bowhunter Confirmed

    Had him shooting sence he was three.
  5. Ambush


    Spill it!!
  6. Ambush

    Mules... the new predator

    Saw this out of montana, I need one.
  7. Ambush

    Life goal complete

    One of my prouder moments! Tradition passed on!!!!! Called two from a distance off on the next property. They were hung up on a fence and small road looking for a way through when two walkers and thier dogs blew it. All went quiet. We moved further off, waited, and started calling again...
  8. Ambush

    On the board

  9. Ambush

    Wrist strap yes or no

    Well yes or no? With a true surprise release how do you not drop the bow? Hatch, yes I'm over thinking it! I shot-shoot a wrist-index trigger, thumb,and hinge. But a true surprise release seams like I almost drop my bow, regardless of inpact thats not a option. So I guess Im moving to a...
  10. Ambush

    What the!!!!

    How long she got?
  11. Ambush

    Fire them All

    Its out of hand! Just when you hope it would pass its worse than ever! NFL A [email protected]@
  12. Ambush

    AO tag filled

    A quick evening hunt, went to set up an ambush on a trial out of a bedding area, but before I got there a doe was already up feeding. I got to some cover and held tight. Didnt have to wait long and I spot a buck headed straight for me. He walks right to the opposite side of the deadfall I was...
  13. Ambush

    Ambush 2 locked and loaded

    So, mini sherpa graduated to Ambush 2 today. Got his license 10 minutes later. He's ready to do damage on some turks ASAP! The heritage has been continued!
  14. Ambush

    Brush Country Monster

    What a day saterday was. The soreness is passing now.
  15. Ambush

    D3-5 tag filled

    Private land aggressive buck down! About 125 yards 25-06. Nice buck with a snapped left beam. First rifle buck since I took up archery about 10 years ago.
  16. Ambush

    Wolves are coming :smiley-yakkin-pink:
  17. Ambush


    Cheers, have one on me. 37 years old today!
  18. Ambush

    Gamo Big Cat

    So got one on sale with included scope. Damn thing can't hold a group for crap. Like bullseye to off paper at 35 yards. Rock solid rest. Thought my kid was having issues and I'm not much better. Is it the crappy scope or gun or ammo? #verydisappointed
  19. Ambush

    Any VAP shooters out there

    Some killer deals on camofire. I've bulked up. The penetrator 2 incerts are included, screaming deal if your used to paying seperatlly.
  20. Ambush

    misprinted license

    Typical government crap show. Got a letter a few days after receiving my licence stating it my have been misprinted and to send it back. Doesn't look misprinted.