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  1. C1g@r5m0k3

    Back to school

    Thats hilarious! Ididnt check the date, just saw this on top of threads.
  2. C1g@r5m0k3

    Back to school

    So what subject are you going to study? (Besides girls bathroom 101)
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    2020 Black Bear

    The people on this forum that hunt bears actually eat the meat and feed their families with it. Do you eat any meat? If so do you do the dirty work or do you rely on someone else to kill your carnitas?
  4. C1g@r5m0k3

    Merry Christmas

    Right back atcha! LGB!
  5. C1g@r5m0k3

    Idaho pheasant hunt December 2021

    Only thing i know about Idaho is that i would move there in a heartbeat if i could get out of here. Lots of luck!
  6. C1g@r5m0k3

    Just a quick question...

    Where have you been? Still up in San Bernardino mountains? One small island in a sea of crazy.
  7. C1g@r5m0k3

    Lets see your mutt.

    Funny, I guess i need glasses! When i looked at the title of this tread i thought the 't's were 'f's! I haven't been this disappointed in a while and i love dogs!
  8. C1g@r5m0k3

    What are you waiting for?

    My sister and brother in law live just a hop skip and a jump from you in Yonkers. Lots of luck! Don't forget to let us know how you do. Oh, and welcome aboard! This place could use some new blood.
  9. C1g@r5m0k3

    No tag soup for me.

    Man that animal got some meat on em! The elk too! Way to fill the freezer!
  10. C1g@r5m0k3

    Any kills?

  11. C1g@r5m0k3

    My dads lucky year

    Your gonna need a bigger freezer! Way to go pops!
  12. C1g@r5m0k3

    D7 Forky

    Way to go!
  13. C1g@r5m0k3

    CHC2021 save our boats

    Here's what i wrote to these deviants. Too much? : Will this even be read? I doubt it. Does anyone here care about freedom even a little bit? How could they?, when their actions clearly show that the price paid for our FREEDOM has so obviously been forgotten. What a sad state of affairs! Who...
  14. C1g@r5m0k3

    Colorado Wolf Reintroduction Survey

    Sorry kid! Back in the day here youd'a had more answers than you could handle. Everybody jumped ship and the only ones left here is us crickets. Have any idea how far we are from shore? I have a feelin we'll be runnin aground any time now.
  15. C1g@r5m0k3

    Bloody decks

    Can you say sashimi baby! I'm panting.
  16. C1g@r5m0k3

    Southern Utah dove

    Especially love the pic with junior!
  17. C1g@r5m0k3

    Statewide national forest closure

    Anybody else pissed off about the statewide nf closure?