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    Bill to ban bear hunting in CA Guys, Please write your State Senator.
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    11th hour gobbler

    For obvious reasons, fall is my favorite time of year, but turkeys are not easy to hunt this time of year. I have a tried and true location I hunt both spring and fall turkeys, but this year, the birds simply would not leave private land. So, I began exploring a new location, and was able to...
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    More BackCountry Good Times!

    Well done! Beautiful buck!!!
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    Pine smoked blacktail

    Nice job!!!!
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    First archery sooty grouse

    My first sooty using my bow. The grouse in my area don’t let you get close. This one was at 33 yards. I’m looking forward to a grouse meal soon! Also nailed a very small Mt quail, especially in comparison.
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    2020 Black Bear

    This new meadow I was hunting surprised me. I’ve never really observed bears eating pine nuts, but not only were these bears using this food source, they were fixated on it ( This meadow only contained a handful of pine trees, but each one had tons of bear scat and...
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    Pine nuts are irresistible, apparently

    I was hunting a meadow recently, and could hear the sound of branches breaking down the hill. I hoped to find bears foraging for termites and grubs in downed trees, but had a hard time pinpointing the location. Then I realized the sound was coming from above. I looked up to discover two bears...
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    AB 3030 to cut off 30% of our public lands

    See link below to send a note to your State Senator. This isn't limited to fishing, either. Hunting will also be affected.
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    First coues

    Way to go!!!
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    Mr. Forky

    Just saw this. Nice work!!! Well done, indeed.
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    Last Day AZ Bull

    Well done!
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    Wifeys AZ Bull.....EPIC!!!!!!

    Love it!!!
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    D7 3x3

    Love it! I’m just disappointed to see that you don’t have your lucky shirt on during the pack out. Respect the shirt!!!
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    Bass Hill Wildlife Area Camping?

    Anyone have tips on where to tent camp near the Wildlife Area? My Google search is not turning up much.
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    Bear craps on hunter.

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    Past few days

    Nice work!
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    2019 Archery Bear

    Well, some of the lard has been rendered. It wasn’t hard. I ground the frozen far, slow cooked it, and poured the oil into jars. Once cooled, the oil solidifies again. I have big plans for this stuff: pies, cookies, homemade tortillas. All I have to do is get my wife to do all of that. :)