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  1. CAhntr

    D7 Forky

    It's been a while! Glad to see the OG's still keeping this page alive! Got me a decent forky in D7. I had a couple much bigger 3x3's on my cameras but this is a solid buck for this zone and I was happy to take him. Trying to get my dad and son one now.
  2. CAhntr

    D7 3x3

    I shot my biggest buck yet yesterday evening. I have been chasing this guy since archery season and I was finally able to connect with my rifle. It was about a 150 yard shot as he was running uphill away from me and I was able to slip one in just before he went over the top. I tore my calf...
  3. CAhntr

    Another proud dad moment

    My oldest son was able to take his first buck this season during his first year deer hunting. I just got notified that his pics and story of our hunt made it into the California Deer Association magazine! I might be more excited about it than he is. My youngest son thinks we're famous now. Ha...
  4. CAhntr

    Public land archery hog!

    My buddy and I were working a creek bottom on some archery only public land and seeing tons of sign but weren't seeing anything. We were about to head back out when my buddy heard something crossing the creek coming towards us. Out popped this sow and I quickly repositioned to get ahead of her...
  5. CAhntr

    Last chance buck D7

    Last day of the season and I was able to fill my tag this morning! Luckily my dad was with me to help with the pack out. It was exhausting but very rewarding. What a great day, we'll never forget this hunt!
  6. CAhntr

    My sons first buck! D7 forky

    My son, Hunter, got his first buck yesterday morning!!! And this was his first year deer hunting! Super proud dad moment for sure! He made a great shot with my great grandfathers old 30-30 Winchester rifle and put the buck down where it stood. It was a long day but well worth it. He will be...
  7. CAhntr

    Filled my first bear tag

    I was finally able to seal the deal on a California black bear. I've had my opportunities over the years but for one reason or another it just never worked out. On Monday my luck finally changed. I got off work early so my dad and I headed up the mountain in Fresno county. We headed to an area...
  8. CAhntr

    Little fuzzy forky in D7

    Man, its been a while since I've been on here. I need to stop in more often and see what you guys have been up to. Anyway, I filled my D7 tag on the second day of rifle season. (First time punching a tag that early in the season. Its been bittersweet. :smiley-wnk-yellow: ) The plan was to...
  9. CAhntr

    2016 back pack hunt, success!

    We got it done in the back country this weekend! My good buddy was able to fill his first buck tag! I was glad to be there to share the moment with him and help him with the pack out. Hard work but well worth it. We packed in Friday evening, about 4 miles, to a spot that I've been wanting to...
  10. CAhntr

    Tejon triple

    We went 3 for 3 at Tejon! My dad, buddy and I all got nice meat sows. It was an awesome trip with some great people. Time to make some sausage.
  11. CAhntr

    Sitka, Alaska 2015

    Went to Sitka again this year. The fishing wasn't as hot as years past and the weather was a little rough at times but we managed to get a few salmon and had blast doing it! The views alone make the trip worth it!
  12. CAhntr

    URGENT!! More forests being closed! SNF

    The EPA and feds are pushing to close down 2 million acres of forest by reclassifying the Sierra National Forest to Sierra National Monument. This would be another nail in the coffin for hunters and any outdoor enthusiasts. Below is my post that I copy and pasted from my facebook page. "I...
  13. CAhntr

    Back from my hunt.

    My buddy and I won a drawing put on by CDA for two free pig hunts at Tejon. It was an epic hunt! Top notch all around. I could write a novel about our experience but I'll keep it short. The hunt wasn't a slam dunk by any means and that's what I was hoping for. We had a full moon working against...
  14. CAhntr

    Headed to pig hunt! that was won at CalDeer

    Just found out my buddy and I were winners for a free pig hunt at Tejon! Got the call tonight that we were alternates and some one backed out of their hunt next month so we're in! Super stoked! This is the drawing we entered, put on by the CDA.
  15. CAhntr

    Amazing kill shots (video)

    This will get the blood pumping! :smiley-yikes: This post has been promoted to an article
  16. CAhntr

    D7 forky down

    I was able to connect on a nice forky yesterday. This is the first buck I've taken while hunting solo. It was a lot of work but it felt great getting it done on my own. To make a long story short, I hiked all morning up the mountain. I intended on getting to an old burn on top and post up for a...
  17. CAhntr

    A few videos from Alaska

    I finally uploaded some videos from my trip to Sitka to youtube.
  18. CAhntr

    Alaska 2014

    I was fortunate enough to get an invite to Sitka again this year. We had another great trip. The first few days were a little slow but the last 2 days we slayed 'em. Last trip we only caught salmon but this year we got a good variety. I was able to catch my first halibut and lingcod. We also...
  19. CAhntr

    D7 Spork down!

    I got off work early yesterday so a buddy and I headed up the mountain and were hunting by 4:30. After a few hours of slowly working an area, and not seeing anything, we decided to head back towards the road. We dropped down off a mountain and came to the edge of some timber and jumped...
  20. CAhntr

    Slayed the salmon in Sitka

    Just got back from a 4 day fishing trip to Sitka, Alaska. I was lucky enough to get invited on an all expenses paid business trip. It far exceeded my expectations. The weather was beautiful and the salmon bite was on! We caught limits everyday and the guy that took us out said we got some of...