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    Recommendations for Vet

    I will be getting a new retriever pup for hunting in the near future. I live in Hemet and I'm fairly new to the area. So I'm looking for a good vet, one that knows and understands hunting retrievers in the area. Hemet, Menifee, Murrieta etc.
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    Waterfowl Gear

    Are there any Hunting shops in the IE that carry waders and other duck hunting supplies other than Bass Pro or mail order?
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    How was it?

    Need a fix. Missed out. In the process of moving into new house. Bad timing, but couldn't let this one slip away. friend has cards for next 2 wed's at Wister.
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    Marsh Seat

    Don't think you can build one for this price, $19.99. Made by hawk hunting. Very reasonable shipping $17.50 for two. Check out the link below.
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    Kern Info.

    Anyone have the phone number for the check station at Kern NWR? All they have posted is the phone # for the offices in Delano. Drew a #1 for the disabled site. From what I can find out only disabled site open is ADA 1. Any info on that site?
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    Kern Info.

    Anyone have the phone # for the check station at Kern? The only phone # posted is to the admin office in Delano. I haven't hunted there in years, but drew # 1 disable for the 25th. From the info I have been able to gather only ADA site 1 is the only one open. Any info on that site?
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    Ammo Safety

    How old is too old to safely shoot high caliber brass ammo?
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    Water in T's at Wister?

    Hunted Wister yesterday. What is going on with the water in the T's at wister? T-12-5 has water one side and mud flat the other side. And from there back thru the T-10's it looks much the same.
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    Goose Lake info

    Any one have any info on Goose Lake being run by CWA? Close to Kern. Friend drew spot in Nov.
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    Wister Scouting Trip

    Scouted Wister before the Sept 15 road closer. No problems on the north end. But plenty on the main refuge. Beach Road at Davis Road looks like a someone held a mudding contest. Hope they scrape it and spread some rock or something there before the season opens. Also some of the roads out to the...
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    Training birds

    Where can I get birds for puppy testing / training?
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    DFG Public Hunt Results

    Anyone know if the DFG is still posting the waterfowl hunt results on public hunt areas? Looked at the DFG site but they don't have 2011 listed. Only up to 2010.
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    Wister Pre Season Scouting

    Anyone know what the cutoff date for doing a pre season scouting trip on the refuge is?
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    nothing in mail yet

    according to the DFG website I did draw for the 20th & 21st. But have not recieved the cards in the mail . :smiley-laugh-point-up-yellow: when do they mail them out? can I still get on using my ressie number? will they check the list to confirm? this would be a real bummer not to recieve the...