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  1. BRET

    Riverside is safer now!

    Out in the local hills this morning and I hear coyotes barking like mad. I know it isn't me as I'm to sneaky, lol. Peak over a rock and see two dogs but no shots. They move up the hill in the sage so i start squeaking, but they just keep barking. Then, I meow like a cat and Bam! they come...
  2. BRET

    Wounded Warriors Archery

    Hello All, I'm looking to see if there is an Archery foundation for Wounded Warriors in California? I found one in South Carolina, called Crossroads Archery Wounded Warriors Foundation, but would like to keep it in California. I have a 2010 Hoyt Alpha Burner LH, I want to donate to a Wounded...
  3. BRET

    Sky Hunter Limbs?

    I'm looking for a set of 50lb limbs for my Sky Hunter Supreme. Please let me know if you have any or know anyone that might. Don't want to pull back the 65# limbs anymore :) thanks!!!!
  4. BRET

    Privat hunt, one more time

    Well, I did another Tejon hunt, even though I swore last year I would never go back! I just can't stand sitting at home in the spring thinking there are pigs out there that want to be eaten! Set up a hunt with 9 of us for the 2 1/2 day weekend semi guided hunt. It is definitely not as overrun...
  5. BRET

    Got to hold a Hairy Beaver!

    Went up North in February, and again last weekend to do some small game hunting on the Delta. What a blast! The first weekend my buddy Wayne and I each got a Beaver, his was 48# and mine was 25#. Also got a Muskrat, and saw numerous critters! It was amazing being from So Cal, that everyone was...
  6. BRET


    The guy who drew the San Gorgonio tag called me in July to ask if I would help him on his sheep hunt. It would be bow or nothing (sound familiar?) I took him out the first day and saw about 40 sheep, two being 160 class rams. I had to go to work the next day so he went in by himself for a few...
  7. BRET

    Dakota Bows

    I'm thinking of getting back to traditional and if I do, I might go to Rick Welch's School for some pointers since everything I've ever done in archery is self taught. Rick makes Recurves and Longbows under the brand name Dakota, was wondering if anyone has any experience with one?
  8. BRET

    I Conquered Nevada!

    Just got home a couple of hours ago from northern Nevada, High Country Deer Hunting! Ed had set this up with me in June, I had to check with the boss as we needed to leave a week after I got back from Africa! Thanks God for a good Boss! Everything's a go, then Ed calls me and tells me another...
  9. BRET


    Got my bows packed, clothes packed, everything is sitting by the front door! Heading out Thursday with the Wife and another couple. Heading to South Africa to hunt with Ken Moody, second time with Ken. My wifes favorite vacation! she makes me come along and hunt, "The horror" (as Hatchet would...
  10. BRET


    Your not going to believe this, MJB waited to the last minute, even sending the check Priority Mail to make sure it came on time (with two days to spare) and guess who's ticket we pulled????? That's right, our very own Mark aka MJB is the lucky dog! I went over to the Riverside Archers...
  11. BRET

    Congrats to JNDEER winner of the forum deer story

    Way to go Josh! The story was as good as the first time you told it! What a toad!
  12. BRET

    Lake Isabella Massacre

    I had my annual CBH Carp shoot at Lake Isabella last weekend and the fish were a spawning! My son and I took 1020 lbs in a day and a half! that was 260 little slimy critters. Travis shot most of them, he shot 162 to my 98, but of course I let him do that, gotta keep him interested in this...
  13. BRET

    Tejon is down the drain

    Hi Guys, I've attached an email for everyone to read about the current conditions of Tejon Ranch. It's pretty depressing, and they don't care to change. So....I would recommend saving your money unless you know good spots waaaayyyy off the road where the other 1000 hunters aren't going to drive...
  14. BRET

    6 days to New Zealand!

    Going to New Zealand in six days with the wife for a "Spring Warm Up" Gonna try and skewer a Red Stag, Tahr, and Arapawa Ram with New Zealand Custom Outfitters. All this thanks to Ed for getting me drunk at the P&Y Convention Auction at Dallas last year! I don't drink much, but when I'm with...
  15. BRET


    Hello All, I am starting a new raffle for Riverside Archers 6th Annual SHOOT FOR LIFE, where we help out a young cancer patient and their family. The last one for Tejon Ranch generated $2450.00!!! This time, our very own, World Famous, Hatchet 1 is graciously donating a Deer hunt for the 2014...
  16. BRET


    Hello All, I am starting another Raffle for Riverside Archers 6th annual "Shoot For Life" where we help out a young cancer patient and their family. Our last raffle for the Tejon hunt generated $2450.00! This time you get to hunt with one of our own, World Famous " Hatchet 1!!!! " Matt has...
  17. BRET

    Need advice for Anderson Flats

    I'm looking for any help on the Anderson Flats area for archery. My son in law drew the tag (I just got him into archery, basically a requirement to marry my daughter!) He wants me to come up and help scout, but I know nothing of the area! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  18. BRET

    Free Tejon Hog Hunt

    Riverside Archers is hosting its annual "Shoot For Life" Charity shoot, October 19th & 20th. We pick a person in need in our local community that is suffering for Cancer or other life altering event and raise as much as we can to donate to them to help out with all of there medical expenses...
  19. BRET


    Can't stand it anymore! two more days to airborne, for bowuntr and me to get to the great state of Alaska to chase some moose's! We were kind enough to let our hunting partners tag out last time, now we are gonna do some moose slaying! 2 tags x 10days of hunting = 2 dead moose get them...
  20. BRET

    Here kitty, kitty

    11 of us went to Tejon this last weekend hunting with Steve and Cody. We shot 5 pigs and saw LOTS of deer, elk, and turkey, pigs were so - so. I was lucky enough to bag my hog the first evening and had a second tag to burn. I was sneaking around a thick hillside when I jumped something out of...