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  1. j_m_vasquez

    Trainer in So Cal

    I have a new Pudelpointer pup whos 20 weeks old. I got her so my GPS can retire. I can send her back to the breeder in Oregon for training but I prefer to train her locally. I primarily hunt ducks from a blind but I also do some pheasant and quail hunting. My previous trainer passed away a...
  2. j_m_vasquez

    Rain at Wister?

    Can anyone tell me if it rained at Wister. If so, how bad is the mud. I had plans to take my kids out there on Saturday 12/01.
  3. j_m_vasquez

    Tent trailer for sale

    2008 Fleetwood Highlander series Avalon with dinnet slide out. 16 btu heater, 6 gal water heater, air conditioner, 3-way refigerator, microwave, electric roof system, shower and ceramic commode within solid wall room, awnings and screen room. To much more to mention. Couch and dinnet conver...
  4. j_m_vasquez

    Hitch weight help

    not sure if this is the right place for this question but hoping someone can help me figure this out. I have a Ram 1500 with tow rating of 10,100 lbs and a hitch rating of 500 lbs. I am looking to but a trailer which comes in at UVW 6,195, a GVW of 7,900 and hitch wight of 500 lbs. The...
  5. j_m_vasquez

    20 gauge semi auto shotgun for a kid

    What is your review of a 20 gauge semi auto shotgun for a kid? My youngest son just turned 9 yrs and wants to hunt this year. I took him out to shoot the other day and fired his brothers 20ga pump action (youth sized) and my old 410 (full sized). He handled the kick of the 410 fine but the...
  6. j_m_vasquez

    Son's first deer

    I'm so proud of my son. After two general rifle seasons, a deer-less Jr hunt season last year and three days of hard hunting this year; he finally was able to take a shot at a deer. The deer may be small but he is so proud of himself, and I'm proud of him too. He work so hard last year and...
  7. j_m_vasquez

    Deer scent?

    I'm taking my son out for a Jr hunt in the D-19 area on Saturday. Last week (the end of the regular season) it looked as thought the rut had started. I was thinking of getting some deer scent and looking for suggestions. Do they work in So Cal, do they make any Mule deer doe in heat scents...
  8. j_m_vasquez

    Another miss guided California politician

    Although this bill does not have to due with the 2nd amendment or hunting & fishing I though it was important enough to share. Most of the time I don't speak out on this forum about politics and things that have to do with law enforcement, however I feel strongly enough about this bill to do...
  9. j_m_vasquez

    Hunting for a new car

    So the transmission on my wife's car is starting to go out so I'm looking for a new car for her. My truck only has one more payments and I only carry one car payment at a time so for now she's driving my truck :unsure:. She has looked around and it appears she has narrowed the search down to...
  10. j_m_vasquez

    J19/ D19

    Well my son turn 12 this year and is so excited to be deer hunting. Took him out for the regular season and we only saw a few does and a couple of spikes. It's now the junior season and we can't seem to find any deer. Been hitting in hard for the past 4 days. Yesterday during the rain we found a...
  11. j_m_vasquez

    Dog getting chafing

    I bought my GSP a new waterfowl vest and noticed she came home with redness under her rear legs. I assume it's from the vest and it needs to be trimmed more. Can I give her anything to help her heal from the chafing?
  12. j_m_vasquez

    Where to stay in El Centro

    I normally hunt doves by Niland and currently have reservations at a RV Resort by Niland. However, this year things have changed and I will be hunting near El Centro (an hour away from Niland). I have never hunted doves or stayed down there before. I will have my 12 yr old and 7 yr old boys...
  13. j_m_vasquez

    Kisser button?

    So I'm new to archery and in talking to my buddy's guide service the guide recommended something called a kisser button. I looked it up and appears to be a good concept but the guy at the archery store does not recommended it. So I look to you folks for your experience, pros and cons, and...
  14. j_m_vasquez

    Recommendation for a youth 243 deer rifle?

    I'm looking to buy my son a 243 deer rifle for his 12th birthday next month. He's small framed for his age but has handled his 20 gauge fine. His length of pull is a bit short still (I think about 12 may be 13 inches). Any suggestion on a rifle, or experience in this area?
  15. j_m_vasquez

    My G3 deer 2015

    Well It's taken me a while to post this but work has kept me busy. I got this 5 x 3 deer at the beginning of December; it looked like a small 4 x 3 but the little kicker made it a 5. Had a choice of this deer or a 4x4 but the 4x4 was not as wide. This one came in at 25 1/2. Not what G3 use...
  16. j_m_vasquez

    Whats a good starter compound bow?

    I just joined the family into an archery club near my home. My wife and son have started shooting with a recurve bow. I want to join them but would rather use a compound so I can hunt with it later (after I learn a thing or two). I have never used a compound bow and only had limited recurve...
  17. j_m_vasquez

    Broken Antler

    So I have a set of antlers I want to mount on a plaque and place them on the wall but before I could fionish making the plaque, my kids managed to break one side of the antlers. Dont even know how they managed to do it but they did. So my question is, can the antlers be fixed? Can I glue them...
  18. j_m_vasquez

    A Tribute to Law Enforcement

    A Tribute to Law Enforcement
  19. j_m_vasquez

    20 year drought is over

    So my father has not shot a deer in 20 years. He has had many opportunities in the last few years but for one reason or another, he has not pulled the trigger on one. This year my father decided he was getting too old to wait any longer and cashed in all 12 of his points for an X9A tag. Dad...
  20. j_m_vasquez

    Buck down

    My first A Zone deer and my first Wilderness Unlimited deer. I have hunted WU properties for 5 years now. I hunted this WU property for the past 3 years and I finally found him and connected. He made me pay for it though. He ran into the canyon and it was fairly steep and thick.