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    New Wall Hanger

    Picked up this boy today and he’s on the wall. I’m happy. ...if I only knew how to get it oriented correctly.
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    Real ID CDL???

    How many have ever heard of a "Real ID"? Today the bride called the DMV to make an appointment to get a new CDL because her's will expire soon. The DMV person asked if she wanted get a "Real ID" with this renewal. Was a definite WŦF moment. Weeeeell, looks like sooner or later all of us US...
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    No more Squaw

    Looks like the goobermunt has found a new offensive word. Stand by...
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    It's been raining off and on today in the I.E. Weather radar seems to show activity in the Wister area. Maybe some fun times ahead in the muck.
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    Rock n roll under the sea

    According to some USGS buzz today, I'm hearing the ground has been shaking big time under the sea west of Wister. Maybe the biggest shake was about 4.3, but looks like a whole host in the 2.0-3.0+ range. Sure hoping no damage has happened.
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    IE Superior Court Judge candidate

    JFYI as it applies... Following is the text of an email received today. Riverside County Superior Court Judge Election Alert: Keep Out Anti-Gun Candidate Burke Strunsky! Riverside voters, we need your help! Attorney Burke Strunsky is running for Superior Court Judge, and he must...
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    SJ in the off season

    Press-Enterprise columnist Bob Pratt penned an interesting article on SJ activity during the off season. Here's a link...
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    31st is up... finale time

    Followed up a teener pick on 1/27 with a mega high pick for the 31st. Those two recent picks mean that after putting in for every Wister 2015-16 hunt date, I got just 3 rezzies for the full Wister season. Thank goodness for friends and other places.
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    Trump family on hunting

    Until reading a recent interview, I had no idea about how the Trump family views hunting. Just saw the linked item. Sure, nothing is perfect, but I'm impressed...
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    10/25 is up

    Another U for me. :smiley-ugly-lol-bashing-sign:
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    Fire near SJ?

    Saw a news item about a 10 acre blaze off Davis Rd north of Ramona Expwy. Hope not too much damage happened.
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    Time for some butt!

    Lujack and I hit the beach this morning to see what might happen. After not much success with plastics and some left over ghost shrimp, went with a kastmaster. Lo and behold, something good happened. Turned out to be my personal best halibut. I'm happy!
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    New appointments by Gov Brown

    Looks like two new DFW Commissioners have been appointed. Wonder if this is an improvement or not.
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    Sunday 10/19 is up

    Another nada for me.
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    What's next? Deer condoms? Never be surprised at what the HSUS can conjure up. The Reality Behind Animal Rights Radical’s ‘Re-Wilding’ Can't ya just see CA DFW's promotion?
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    Past year's state duck/upland stamps

    The mail finally delivered last year's state waterfowl and upland stamps. While putting them away together with all the accumulated hunting and fishing paperwork, I noticed my 1988 licence and remembered how that the card was expected to last a while and we just added new stickers on top of the...
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    The San Jacinto saga continues...

    Its getting harder to sort out the heros and villians. Waterfowl aside, the plan for San Jacinto wildlife area sure looks like a political morass.
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    Whazza bot? The linked article pretty much made my head spin. Can ya see the time where automated opinion machines are the main source of influence. Are we there already? Maybe a timely EMP would help... :smiley-oops-yellow: Bots
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    Man Rules

    Found a pearl on another planet that needs wider distribution. Maybe not new, but can ya imagine this posted on the refrigerator? MAN RULES 1. MEN ARE NOT MIND READERS. 2. LEARN TO WORK THE TOILET SEAT. YOU'RE A BIG GIRL. IF IT'S UP, PUT IT DOWN. WE NEED IT UP, YOU NEED IT DOWN. YOU DON'T...
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    11/10 is up

    Woo Hoo!!! Middlin' pick at the "W"