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  1. bearclaw

    CBH Broadhead ~ Weekend before Memorial Day

    Looks like the Broadhead is the week before Memorial Day weekend, so all you folks that haven't attended due to Memorial Day plans, now is your chance! It is always a good time and always challenging conditions.. Holler
  2. bearclaw

    Dead transmission - 05F150

    Tried replacing some internal switches and didn’t help and it’s driving real bad so taking it into either of the following in am: 1. dealership 2. AAMCO in town Thoughts? I don’t love the dealership in town but at least they will be in business when there are issues. Only time I’ve been to...
  3. bearclaw

    Truck glassing tripod

    Anyone got a good tripod they like for standing up that won't break the bank? I have a good SLIK for sitting but doesn't work for standing. Looking for something that will mostly stay in the truck or at the most be a 1 mile hike kinda rig. Holler
  4. bearclaw

    WTB Kuiu Frame or frame/ suspension

    Anyone got one? I have multiple bags, just need an extra S/M rig so the spawn can use them too.
  5. bearclaw

    CBH Broadhead at Tejon ~ Who's going?

    I will be there with my two oldest spawn, hope to see a bunch of the usual suspects there in a month!
  6. bearclaw

    Elk tri-tip

    I was able to locate and pull out one of the tri-tips on my tule from last fall, and the result is below... Elk is damn hard to beat!!!
  7. bearclaw

    Xpedition Archery

    For reasons not of my own doing, I had to get a new bow. A large mammal that historically rocks a push-broom stash of epic proportion recommended I check out Xpedition archery. After a short 4 hour drive to Willow Creek Archery, I took the Xcursion 7 home. I shot the high-end models of most...
  8. bearclaw

    Summer sausage ~ Rinella recipe

    I got the recipe here It came out great, although my next batch will be a similar version with dried jalapeno and high-temp cheddar. I really liked not needing to buy a prepackaged mix allowing me to tweak the recipe. I used elk in this batch...
  9. bearclaw

    A first ~ tule cow

    After 10 years I finally drew a tule elk tag (cow archery) and got after it with my son for a few days before spending the last 5 days solo. I was on the cow herds everyday but with 50 sets of eyes and wide open country getting within 100 yards just meant the start of the stalk. In the end, it...
  10. bearclaw

    Have you ever ~ home tanned a hide?

    I have a tule cow hide I want to tan, has anyone done it at home? I'd like it nice and supple and am pretty much convinced I need to have it done professionally, but was hoping someone tells me otherwise. Holler...
  11. bearclaw

    NIB Busnhell 1 Mile Elite Rangefinder $315

    I was sure I lost my RF so I picked this one up for an upcoming hunt, only to have remembered where my RF was. This has never been used but I am passing on the discount I scored when I purchased this one. I consistently get readings out around 800 yards with mine on deer. Will ship for $315...
  12. bearclaw

    Pig Tag reporting ~ 8.31.17 for 2016 season

    I just happened to check a drawing for a F&G hunt and noticed I had two unreported pig tags for 2016. FYI in case you haven't acknowledged you gave the state $20 for nothing last season...
  13. bearclaw

    A zone opener... Good luck out there!

    May the triple digits, biting flies, mosquitoes, rattlesnakes, and insanely dry conditions welcome you with fuzzy antlered dinks all season!!!
  14. bearclaw

    WTB Kids backpacking packs

    Taking my two knuckleheads backpacking in a few weeks and wondering if anyone has some smaller framed backpacks? I am thinking 3000ci is big enough, just not wanting to buy them good packs they will outgrow the yoke for in short order.
  15. bearclaw

    SOLD***Mystery Ranch Crew Cab with Lid***SOLD

    After market load lifters from OV Innovations (Gen II). Coyote brown harness and pack/ lid in multi-cam. $550 for pack, frame and lid and $100 for after market load lifters. Yours for $400 TYD lower 48. I will get pics up this afternoon. Pack has always been washed with warm water after...
  16. bearclaw

    Black Widow PSA II for sale

    60" graybark recurve, #55 @27". Comes in close to #60 @28". Minor dings from hunting but overall a 9/10. I have owned this from day one and it has been primarily in a box the last few years. Comes with a newer string with string and limb silencers, antler knobs and a nice great northern...
  17. bearclaw

    2017 CBH Broadhead ~ Oranco

    Who's going? I will be there with my oldest.
  18. bearclaw

    Any other AZ stories?

    Looks like I am most likely not able to make it this month, anyone else done anything in the winter desert this year?
  19. bearclaw

    Unsuccessful Kalistan Bear Hunters - Tag validation

    Don't forget to go online and report your unsuccessful bear tag. I don't recall the penalty for not telling them you didn't kill yogi, but believe there is one... Tag soup tastes like crap...
  20. bearclaw

    Spot and stalk hen killers

    Got into an undisclosed location with the second spawn early Saturday and spent the day covering the hills for turkey. We finally saw the little white heads bobbing off in the distance right before sundown, so we headed to camp for some hot chocolate and dinner in front of the campfire. First...