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  1. FredtheGad


    What brand holds up best?...where at?
  2. FredtheGad

    Pulling the trailer sunday

    Or Monday depends on how I feel...I ain't much for calling off work..didn't call off for 6 years till this last year. Somewhere I picked up this voice in my head that says up it...kinda like the devil on the shoulder crap.......Either way I'm lugging the air compressor down with me to top of the...
  3. FredtheGad

    More rain at the Wisterd

    Was just looking at the radar loop looks like they got some more
  4. FredtheGad

    5.56 ammo

    Where you guys buy from for the best deal....asking for a friend
  5. FredtheGad

    SOLD***Federal 3inch 1 1/8 1550 1s***SOLD

    75 for the case or 9$ a box...I'll be at Wister the weekend of the 10th
  6. FredtheGad

    Prop 63

    When does it go into effect..what's the last date to buy online out of state
  7. FredtheGad

    19th is up

    I got Charlie's ticket! the Wiz
  8. FredtheGad

    Brining waterfowl

    Started Brining my fowl this year..kinda a combination of tips from the internet..curious how some of you do it am using mostly small batches in a quart and a half bowl,then freezing for later after rinsing.any tips and measurements of salt and spices you might add appreciated
  9. FredtheGad

    wisterd coditions

    Many a fellow wisterder has contributed to the stalagmites in the campground crapper, am sorry to say our monument is gone....I know it's very disconcerting, but with a little work I'm shure we can have it up to par in no time.. good news here is we have been supplied with some quality paper to...
  10. FredtheGad

    Nov 2nd is up

    I got nothin
  11. FredtheGad

    Want to get away

    Any body have recommendations for hotel right on the beach thinking laguna area, but am open.... Don't want to break the bank but I ain't a tightwad either looking for decent hotel and place to walk around and shop eat etc with the wife for a couple days. Ocean view a must.
  12. FredtheGad

    New scattergun

    Thinking about pulling the trigger, shure like that New Browning A5. I have shoulder one and it fits sweet.Only con I've heard is that it has a good bite when shooting 3.5s.....that's a non issue havnt shot a box of 3.5 over the last few,years.......Any feed back? anybody here have one?
  13. FredtheGad

    Opinions.....Heavy steel

    Anybody shoot this stuff. Whatcha think
  14. FredtheGad

    Rancho shocks

    Was going to have some put on the ole Chevy.....5000 series....any feed back on how they ride on the freeway and off road
  15. FredtheGad

    Sled patch

    I've got a couple areas starting to wear through on my sled anybody have luck with patching.
  16. FredtheGad

    Must be nice

    Must be nice to pay this much for gas
  17. FredtheGad


    What a goat fu%& this place is....I hate the big city.
  18. FredtheGad

    12/9is up

    Feast or famine.....sounds about appropriate for the holiday week, Happy thanks giving to y'all, good luck
  19. FredtheGad

    12/5 is up

    Zippo for me
  20. FredtheGad

    12 /2 is up

    Nada for me