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  1. Zach

    Is TOF dead?

    Forums are dead, not just this one. Covid has proven there are more important things in life.
  2. Zach

    Props to Bruce, Bow N Arrow-Lakeside

    Bruce was in Lakeside when I made the original post.
  3. Zach

    Sooooo, Are You Scouting Yet?

    I've got a small bachelor herd of 5 I'm watching. Need to check my cams, but saw them earlier this week. I think 2 bucks have 2020 potential.
  4. Zach

    2020 Archery Tags

    Local deer tag. Will probably pick up a pronghorn tag for down by a buddies house, elk get a break this year.
  5. Zach

    Results are up

    Drew my archery tag, 3 months of fun and excitement!!
  6. Zach

    Wyoming Bull

    It's no Pappy, but it's pretty good.
  7. Zach

    Do Eurasian Dove Count?

    Out here in CO they are about as dumb as they come.
  8. Zach

    My yougest daughter gets her first turkey

    Congrats to the young lady!
  9. Zach

    Wyoming Bull

    I've got one of them bottles!!
  10. Zach

    1st One Of 2020...

    It's so green!!! Nice!!
  11. Zach

    Two people, one a Sheriff's Deputy, attacked by Mountain Lion...

    and people here are worried about corona.... Gonna be real fun when the plant some more wolves.
  12. Zach

    Turkey tune up 2/22 Lake Sutherland

    My buddy's kid has participated in this, with great results. I think he's got a pic of him and Trig somewhere too. Zeralsky wrote about it. This was always a must when I lived in SoCal. Memories of Jimmy Rizzo doing a seminar.
  13. Zach

    I did it... RETIRED!!!

    I'm guessing your wife didn't retire?
  14. Zach

    Gray wolf found dead in N. California

  15. Zach

    Do you believe in the "Hereafter" ?

    First signs of CRS...
  16. Zach

    First coues

    I wondered since it was different fletch colors.
  17. Zach

    First coues

    Nicely done! What's the story with the half arrow in dad's quiver?
  18. Zach

    The Passing of a Legend

    Paul, he had stacks and stacks of pictures from game cams that DWU had planted all around. Lets just say there are some BIG deer in them mountains. He also had a picture he took from doing head counts of bighorn while in a helo with DFW, mountain lion chasing a ram at full speed. Crazy picture.
  19. Zach

    The Passing of a Legend

  20. Zach

    Desert Bighorn Hunt

    Pretty cool! I hope to draw a BigHorn tag one day in CO.