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  1. mouthcallinmatt

    Is TOF dead?

  2. mouthcallinmatt

    Is TOF dead?

    I don't believe it! How you doing John? I hope all is well. How's Jason?
  3. mouthcallinmatt

    Is TOF dead?

    I'm still here occasionally but don't post enough. Quit FB 2 1/2 years ago & don't miss it. Will try to give this place a boost if I can think of anything worthy of posting. Heck, I still have a TOF sticker on my truck.
  4. mouthcallinmatt

    Goodbye Bear Hunting in CA!

    What a wiener....I mean, dick!
  5. mouthcallinmatt

    Duck Whistles and the Duck Commander Whistle

    Holy crap. An old thread gets resurrected & so does the guy that started it. Hey Bill! I hope you & your family are well. Glad to see your still hanging around.
  6. mouthcallinmatt

    Great day duckin!

    Nice job Ron!
  7. mouthcallinmatt

    Wister camground closure

    This should clarify some questions. Hi Matt, This is a challenging and evolving issue. As of now the Department has issued this statement; “This property is CLOSED to camping. Individuals may not reside in any manner on this properties between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m...
  8. mouthcallinmatt

    Hug your kids.

    Have the service regardless.
  9. mouthcallinmatt

    Wister camground closure

    What happened to Thursday? ;)
  10. mouthcallinmatt

    Hug your kids.

    I'm so sorry to hear this. I can't & don't want to imagine such a loss with my kids. Prayers going out to you & your family.
  11. mouthcallinmatt

    Wister camground closure

    So this just happened. Hello all, We have received formal direction from Sacramento that we are to not allow camping at any of our wildlife areas that include Wister and San Jacinto. This is a direction from the the Governor’s office through our Directors Office and NOT of our regional...
  12. mouthcallinmatt

    Passing of John Waters

    Well written Kevin. He was quite a guy. I've already missed him since he stopped hunting. If there was a book written about Wister regulars he'd be in it & near the front. RIP friend & God Bless your soul.
  13. mouthcallinmatt

    Oregon opener

    Hey Linda! Good to hear from you. That's a great photo. I can't believe how big your Grandson is already. Please tell Jim & Kyle I said hi.
  14. mouthcallinmatt

    Wister Getting Pit Blinds!

    Maybe in S20 or U10-4. Thanks for posting.
  15. mouthcallinmatt


    Holy Cat Berry! I had no idea they got that big down there. Way to go!
  16. mouthcallinmatt

    Cougar Stalks Runner for 6 minutes near Provo, UT

    Yikes! I guess he should have thrown a rock sooner.
  17. mouthcallinmatt

    If Wister cancels sweatline for 2020-2021 what will you do?

    I couldn't get on the video conference today. Were you on it Rick? Sounds like some stuff still getting worked out from the report I got but should be another one before the season. Everyone should expect changes just like everything else we're dealing with these days. They'll probably have to...
  18. mouthcallinmatt

    Humble pie

    At least you got out there. You could have been doing a lot of less fun things than that. Still sounds exciting to me. Good luck next year.