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  1. Slayin67

    Cabelas Instinct Breathables

    Anybody tested these out? The $350 price tag was a little steep. I tried them on at Cabelas a few days ago. I didn't like the straps, and they were a little tight to get on. Once I got them on they were comfortable. I could squat without any problems, and the boots were comfortable. Has anybody...
  2. Slayin67

    Whacked em before work today

    The glare is bad, but it was 2 honkers, 3 mallards, a sprig and a teal. I had them by 9:00 and then nothing was flying. There is a 3rd dead honker out there somewhere that I rocked hard. He didn't drop in the pond however.
  3. Slayin67

    The season is rolling now

    Season was off to a slower than usual start but has been picking up. Here are a few pictures of different hunts. This past weekend was a California shoot if I've ever seen one. I haven't had a shoot like this in Montana ever. It was a teal, widgeon, gadwall, sprig and spoony kind of day. No...
  4. Slayin67

    A Few Birds Before Work

    Our season opened on Saturday in Montana and bird numbers are down from years past. Between Saturday and Monday I was able to scratch out 5 honkers 5 mallards and a sprig. Normally the numbers are a lot better. Temps were still in the 80's on Monday when I went out for the afternoon. Yesterday...
  5. Slayin67

    Justducky in Missoula

    I met up with Justin last night @ Hooters for some wings and ambiance. It was great to see you Justin. its been several years since the wister work parties at Randy's house. Thanks for getting in touch and getting me caught up. Get to know this guy!
  6. Slayin67

    It has been a long time TOF

    I haven't checked in on here in a long time. The place looks great! Hope everybody is getting tuned up for season. Summer always stirs the anticipation of fall...
  7. Slayin67

    Another Great Weekend

    Yesterday (Saturday 10/9/2011) was out Pheasant Opener. I headed out early Friday morning and hunting ducks at my old spot. I set up in my layout blind in the middle of a drizzle that lasted all morning and into the afternoon. The weather was grey and overcast. No sun. Very few birds. I did have...
  8. Slayin67

    Litter on The Ground

    I have a really well bread BLM from (NFC 5Star General Patton x QAA Nikki). In the spring a friend of ours found a lab at the gas station that was gorgeous! 80lb female all muscle and tremendous drive. Never been hunting but unbelievable competitiveness and her desire to carry and retrieve is a...
  9. Slayin67

    MT Opener

    This was from last weekend. Limits of Mallards and Honkers. Heading out Friday Morning to hunt ducks. Pheasant opener on Saturday and ducks in the afternoon.
  10. Slayin67

    Start of MT Season

    It was a short hunt for me. I had limited time and truck problems in the morning but managed to get up in the mountains for a single grouse. His friend managed to make the escape and live to see another day.
  11. Slayin67

    MT Deer and Lopes

    On Wednesday Oct 20th, two of my buddies landed in Missoula and I picked them up. With one more friend arriving from the Bay Area on Thursday. A local buddy and I had a hunt set up for the 3 guys from out of town and the 5 of us were headed East Friday afternoon. Between the five of us we had...
  12. Slayin67

    Phesant Opener/Ducks/Geese

    I headed out Friday night after work to camp and spend the weekend hunting with Michelle. Pheasants opened saturday. The plan was to pheasant hunt Saturday morning and duck hunt in the afternoon. Saturday started out getting into my first pheasant after about 25 minutes of walking. The dog got...
  13. Slayin67

    6volt batteries

    I've got a pile of 6v batteries. When I connect them to the charger nothing happens. I have 2 different chargers and neither one of them seem to make the batteries react. The batteries are app.rox 3 years old and have had limited use. Any idea how to tell if they are junk? I don't own a volt...
  14. Slayin67

    Made some Jerky Today

    Its been quite a while since I have done any smoking of meat. Today was a rainy day and I was hanging out around the house and decided to put together some snack packs for daily use, hunting, fishing etc...I got the idea from a company selling pre-packaged paleozone meals that are all portioned...
  15. Slayin67


    Success on first choice Antelope in eastern MT. Also successful on first choice Deer B anterless mule deer. Already have a Deer A and draw for antelope B is tomorrow. Elk tag will be over the counter.
  16. Slayin67

    Different gun...

    Picked up a .22 for a buddy and sighted it in for him. Here were the results. They are different groupings at 25 (left image) and 50 yards (right image) with a Ruger 10/22 and a 3x9 power scope. It probably could be better if I had a sand bag or a led sled. I didn't have any type of rest to...
  17. Slayin67

    Oh I couldn't resist...

    If CrossFit were a video game -It wouldnt be available at Best Buy youd have to get it from someones garage. -The first time you play it youd die after 2 minutes, and then you cant play it again for at least a week. -It would make you better at every other video game, whether youve played it...
  18. Slayin67

    A few Pictures

    Took some pictures this weekend and had a couple of older ones I thought I would share. Enjoy.
  19. Slayin67

    New Gopher Gun

    Bob Wards had a great sale on these. $209 out the door and OVER THE COUNTER! Gotta love MT gun laws! They encourage gun ownership. Picked up 2 steel lip 25 round clips and a speed loader. Picked up the scope at wallmart. 3x9 crystal clear. I'm happy with the setup.
  20. Slayin67

    One More for Inspiration

    I've begun Crossfit in the past month. Hardest workout on the planet hands down. No questions asked. Misery seems to make crossfitters smile. I am loving it. It will have me ready to chase down some monster Bull Elk this fall and get out on the prairies chasing antelope and muleys. I have also...