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  1. mouthcallinmatt

    Wister camground closure

    So this just happened. Hello all, We have received formal direction from Sacramento that we are to not allow camping at any of our wildlife areas that include Wister and San Jacinto. This is a direction from the the Governor’s office through our Directors Office and NOT of our regional...
  2. mouthcallinmatt

    Sportmen's Catering Service

    Sportmen's Catering Service was established in 1965 by my Grandfather, Max Berg. After 42 years of owning & running the business it got to be too much for him to handle in his older years. He then sold it to long time Niland residents, Frank & Marilyn Bailey. Marilyn worked during the days for...
  3. mouthcallinmatt

    Antler envy?

    They ladies must love this guy. Here's one for Ed to chase on his next whitetail adventure or Hatchet because he's definitely polluting the gene pool. one-million-buck-spotted-former-151002933.html
  4. mouthcallinmatt

    Where are the Junior hunt reports?

    Need a positive waterfowl report fix that doesn't equate to how many were killed. Just some smiling kids faces & a good story to go with them. Anyone?
  5. mouthcallinmatt

    Decoys, decoys, decoys!

    TIME TO SELL SOME DECOYS!!! The season is around the corner. Sorry, no pictures yet. 6 doz. G&H standard snow goose shells, stakes included. $100 per/doz. or $1,000 for all including 3 decoys bags. 69 Outlaw snow goose silohuettes w/2 silhouette bags. $175 for all. 400 used...
  6. mouthcallinmatt

    Final Approach dog blind

    In great shape. Located in Carlsbad $75
  7. mouthcallinmatt

    Rustic prints by Charles E. Murphy

    I love the rustic look of these. Not sure how they got that way but they weren't made that way. Mallards: $40 Canada Geese: $40 Pheasants: $30
  8. mouthcallinmatt

    Canada Goose Print

    Canada Goose by Lee Jayred: $75
  9. mouthcallinmatt

    Goin' for blue fin

    My buddy Robert is taking me out on the New Lo Ann Friday night. Anything about what to bring & what not to bring or what they're biting would be appreciated. Anyone else going out this weekend?
  10. mouthcallinmatt

    Decoy cart

    Decoy/garden cart. Needs innertubes otherwise its solid. Great for getting your aging Dad or Grandfather out to the blind. Also good for hauling decoys or any other crap you need to get from one place to another. $50
  11. mouthcallinmatt


    The original Ekdale Call, widgeon whistle. NEW!!! Never been used. Has not been in production for over 40 years. Most true to sound widgeon whistle made IMO. Whether you want to use for hunting or to add to your call collection, you can't go wrong. $50
  12. mouthcallinmatt

    SOLD****NEW!! Original Texas Rag decoys****SOLD

    Texas rag decoys new in original sealed bags. 100 decoys per roll. 6 rolls available. These are not made anymore & I have not seen any other old stock available. Could very well be the last of the new ones. I still use them as filler & have had snows land in them. I have never put them on...
  13. mouthcallinmatt

    Beer drinking duck hunters

    Be careful out there guys.
  14. mouthcallinmatt

    2018 season

    Anyone hear any talk from decision makers on tags quotas for X zone deer? I figure it will be at least a couple years before we see an increase from last years reductions.
  15. mouthcallinmatt

    Snow goose windsocks

    Headless & headed windsocks with support spine so they can be used in windless days as well & not look like egrets. Stainless steel & aluminum stakes help to stick in hard ground & won't rust. Headless are $24 per dozen & come 10 adults, 1 juvy, & 1 blue. Headed are $48 per dozen & come 9...
  16. mouthcallinmatt


    Used silosocks in good condition. These are not economies. 6 adults, 4 juvies, & 2 blues. $30 per dozen for quantities less than 15 dozen. Buy 15 dozen or more & price drops to $24 per dozen & will throw in a rack for free. I will contact in order of thread post replies not when I receive...
  17. mouthcallinmatt

    Stealth Otter 1200

    I'm probably going to regret this but I'm putting my Otter Stealth 1200 up for sale. Comes with mount for motor. Will work with a 2hp or less, or a trolling motor. $500 Will post actual photos of boat later.
  18. mouthcallinmatt

    Here's your sign.

    On a federal refuge nonetheless.
  19. mouthcallinmatt

    New blinds for Wister

    A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE CALIFORNIA FISH & WILDLIFE DEPARTMENT. "For those of you who complained that its too hard to carry out your own blind material & build your own blinds, your voice has been heard. Inspired by the Parks & Rec department & the think tank San Jacinto...