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  1. DKScott

    Bill to ban bear hunting in CA

    Posting a link to the petition would be helpful.
  2. DKScott

    Fish vacuum sealer

    I have had a Food Saver for years and it works great. There are lots of them out there now. Check out Amazon or Walmart. I agree with GDL, the main thing is the outside of the fish should be dry. I pat down with paper towels.
  3. DKScott

    Colt 45 compact

    no pics
  4. DKScott

    North Dakota Family Pheasant Hunt

    Sounds like a great trip. Always wanted to hunt NoDak. First time? Did you see any huns or sharptails, etc?
  5. DKScott

    Which EyeGlass Frames have you found best for Hunting?

    Those Rydons look a lot like Oakleys. I recently got a pair of prescription Wiley-X Kobe wraps for the reasons G-Dog said. I love 'em. Wraps fit snug which means I'm not always pushing them back when i look down, etc. and Wiley X has figured out how extend the correction into more curvature...
  6. DKScott

    Vortex Black Friday.

    Sorry if you felt like you got blown off. When people post up a story or a deal, its only polite to include a link and respond to questions. That said, the first post was pretty self explanatory. It was a 1 day deal for veterans. But all you had to do was go to and get the details.
  7. DKScott

    Cougar Stalks Runner for 6 minutes near Provo, UT

    Apparently the guy had come across her cubs and was videoing them when mama came back. She was protecting her cubs and driving off a threat. If she was stalking him, he probably wouldn't have known it until she pounced. I had a mountain lion shadow me once years ago and had no idea until I...
  8. DKScott

    Baja outfitter?

    Ouch. OK, good to know. Was it the outfitter/guide that was rude or a-hole customers? I was invited to hunt with a group this season that uses this outfitter. Nice guys, so probably not the ones you encountered. On a related note, is everything expensive American style package hunts now? All...
  9. DKScott

    Baja outfitter?

    Anyone ever hunt with, or know anything about, an outfitter named Alex Coria? I think his company is called "Hunters Only" Thanks
  10. DKScott

    Remington Auctioned Off to Seven Bidders in Bankruptcy Court

    Not many companies survive a leveraged buyout, regardless of how good business is. Their debt is fatal. Its one of the biggest financial cons out there - and totally legal. Its same business Mitt Romney was in. Here is the story of Remington and Cerberus Capital, a private equity firm...
  11. DKScott

    Remington Auctioned Off to Seven Bidders in Bankruptcy Court Remington Outdoor Co., the 200-year-old gun maker that filed for bankruptcy again in July, has been auctioned off in court. Seven bidders will each purchase a portion of the...
  12. DKScott

    Where to for dove

    I'm going where Hatchet's going because you know he's all about the dove - and then I'll set up 30 yards in front of him 10 minutes before shoot time.... Actually, just gonna do a opening morning turn and burn a couple hours from the house.
  13. DKScott

    First archery sooty grouse

    33 yards with a bow is awesome. Congratulations and bon appetit
  14. DKScott

    Wister Dove Hunting

    Nothing is normal anymore. I would just call them (760) 359-0577
  15. DKScott

    Birdshooter conversion in process

    Watch where they are coming from/going to and set up in their flight path. I use a shotgun and prefer to shoot incomers, but If you are going to use an air rifle I would set up where you can get a shot when they land - branches, wires whatever. Wear camo and get a seat in front of some bushes to...
  16. DKScott

    If Wister cancels sweatline for 2020-2021 what will you do?

    Staff wearing latex gloves would solve a lot of the contact problem. Online card forms that could be filled out on a phone might be another option
  17. DKScott

    Prado Dog Park Closed - UPDATE Back open

    Been open for awhile now.
  18. DKScott

    AB 3030 to cut off 30% of our public lands

    Not enough information to understand what the issue is. Context/background please
  19. DKScott


    And clear remembered passwords. Guys have trouble logging in, change their password and their computer keeps inserting the old one that it has stored and they can't figure out why they can't get on.
  20. DKScott

    AB-88 being rammed through

    I just read through this bill quickly. It all about setting up a regulatory framework to track the sale and possession of gun parts. They already passed a bill in 2018 defining precursor parts. Did anyone notice? It was AB-2382 and it includes, among other things (1) A firearm barrel. (2) An...