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  1. just_ducky_1

    Dog kennels and house for sale

    Had large Labrador, he died and I don’t want another dog right now. I want to get rid of stuff. Largest kennel made: Camo insulated kennel cover goes with larger kennel sold together. 38L x 27W x 30H roomy for your dog. $100 36L x 24W x 27H - more airline compliant and vehicle friendly...
  2. just_ducky_1

    Well I did it....

    After 12 yrs liveing here I finally bought an AO tag. Need meat so trying this out since I can't get back home soon enough. Need to blow some leave days so probably going on a long walk soon!
  3. just_ducky_1

    New Years high desert walk about.

    Well here I go again. Hope I get some results like last walk about. Camping out so if anyone wishes to join PM me. I'll be in Inyokern shortly.
  4. just_ducky_1

    High desert walk about

    Well I guess I'll give it a go this weekend since I'm off. Anyone want to join for an armed hike for chukar and quail hit me up. Haven't heard good reports but just gonna get out cuz ya don't know if ya don't try. No secret spots, just walking about.
  5. just_ducky_1

    Finally got out

    Finally got back to Wyoming to fill the freezer. Had a great time just didn't want to come back. Serious morale blow when we hit the CA/NV line coming home. Not much of a story, just thot I'd throw some horn porn up for you meat gazers.
  6. just_ducky_1

    SOLD***Sears 30-06 bolt action***SOLD

    Never shot this rifle, Uncle passed and gave to me but I already have a 30-06. Need to make room in safe and get save money for new baby. Comes with Weaver 3-9x40. Super clean gun, smooth bolt, no rust, great for a starter gun! $450!
  7. just_ducky_1

    2009 Ross Carnovore 31" (right handed) For sale

    How many people can say they've killed turkeys in Afghanistan? This bow has killed four. You can own that bow some day for $450! I'm selling a bow that I bough and had shipped to me on deployment to Western Afghanistan. This is a package deal and this is what is included if you can't...
  8. just_ducky_1

    Rough week

    3 buck antelope, one muley buck, one doe lope, five whitetail doe, and a 6x6 elk. That was only five days worth of hunting. Not 102 degrees. No skybusters. Open country with no one messing with me. Now in Hawaii wishing I had my bow.
  9. just_ducky_1

    Santa Margarita CWA Banquet

    We've had great support over the past years and we're looking forward to seeing you all again in August. Here's the official flyer. Justin
  10. just_ducky_1

    3rd Annual Kansas Cast and Blast

    Special thanks to Spirit OTM, Bishop, and Faciallyendowed. You all had a part in some birds meeting their maker. Also a special TOF thanks to all of you that voted for us on JumpStart Tampa. We won the grant and were able to maximize that money. $0.90 of every dollar go directly to the...
  11. just_ducky_1

    Old fans

    Guys if you are Oceanside local and you have some jake fans or other fans you want to get rid of this year could you PM me. I leave for Kansas April 22nd to take some Wounded Warriors on my annual Cast and Blast and need to make my decoys a little sexier. That being said, I know I'm not on...
  12. just_ducky_1

    September 28, 2011

    If you remember what happened that day, you might be interested in what is going down November 25th 2014, you are invited. Time and location to come. I'll be there. Thanks you guys for all your support over the years! Justin
  13. just_ducky_1

    Wounded Warriors In Action founder needs our help

    Please help vote for LtCol (RET) John McDaniel. He supports me on my Kansas Cast and Blast each year where I take Purple Heart recipients turkey hunting and walleye/crappie fishing. He is who took me gator hunting in Florida. We need your support, every vote we get makes the reality of getting...
  14. just_ducky_1

    Bowtech Insanity CPX

    Anyone shoot one? I think I may get a new bow on deployment again this year and sell of one or both of my others. Choices are between the 2012 Insanity CPX, 2013 Assassin, and the new 2014 Carbon Overdrive. I've had the Admiral since 2011 and love it may make it my back up bow and grab one of...
  15. just_ducky_1

    Disabled Veterans Pheasant Hunt

    This came across my desk. If it pertains to anyone check it out, or if you know anyone spread the word. I'll be posting it to some heroes on base. Enjoy....stay thirsty gents. Justin
  16. just_ducky_1

    Norcal hunting now

    Got an invite to head up to the Yuba City area. How is the hunting up there now? I'll be going on a private area, still don't know the details but just curious what is still around.
  17. just_ducky_1

    Herter's Super Model 3

    My Uncle was a gunsmith and gun collector. When Alzheimer's hit him hard he had to give up/sell a lot of guns, ammo and reloading stuff. One thing he was adamant about me getting was this Herter's Super Model 3. It only came with one #6 shell holder. He gave me a bunch of dies too, they actually...
  18. just_ducky_1

    Hog sign at Lawrence Welk resort.

    I'm no hog hunter but the lawn behind Granny's condo is all tore up. Wide areas just as deep as the sod. I'll try too post pics later or on my FB.
  19. just_ducky_1

    Need help please vote!!!

    I don't normally do this but we need your help. My former Commanding Officer and damn good friend is in a contest. Winner gets $40,000 to the non-profit of thier choice. Our's is the MARSOC foundation. All you have to do is follow this link and vote at the bottom for Andrew Christian. You can...
  20. just_ducky_1

    Boat Load of Heroes

    My boys are tearing it up out there right now on the Excel. Yesterday over 100 Yellow tail on one kelp bed! Four more days of fishing!!! Going to hopefully get into some BFT today!   Go get em boys.