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  1. Alchemistkb

    Startin' Em Young

    My niece, her Marine and their baby, Hunter. YES, his name is HUNTER!!!
  2. Alchemistkb

    Mother Ducker - Yes I Am

    Literally and figuratively, I'm a mother ducker! I'm super excited and bursting with anticipation as we count down to the duck opener. Heading into my 3rd season, I'm feeling more confident than ever and am super hopeful that THIS WILL BE MY YEAR! Fingers crossed!! :smiley_prayin_ani:
  3. Alchemistkb

    What next??

    Now illegal in California??? Dear Kristin, Thank you for being a loyal client and advocate of American Laser Skincare. We appreciate your participation in our VIP Referral Program. Unfortunately, and much to our disappointment, state regulations no longer...
  4. Alchemistkb

    Stag... so 1950's

    Been his flesh and blood MY WHOLE LIFE.... bring ESS around and Dad's treating him like HE's blood... Stag, really? How is that even legal anymore?? Where's Gloria when she could be really useful?