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  1. nicapopolis

    My yougest daughter gets her first turkey

    Heck yeah. Awesome!
  2. nicapopolis

    I'm interested in taking up hunting again after many years but...

    Troll. Probably promoting his own youtube videos and websites.
  3. nicapopolis

    Second weekend

  4. nicapopolis

    1st One Of 2020...

  5. nicapopolis

    First retirement trip

    Dude, Mike... are those Owen's Valley bass?
  6. nicapopolis

    2Rocky 2020 Turkey

    So awesome!
  7. nicapopolis

    Youth Bow

    What age did your kids start? Those are too large for my son at 5 years old which is why we went with the Atomic. The Atomic is less than 2 lbs with a much smaller frame.
  8. nicapopolis

    Youth Bow

    That would hurt to shit a recurve... AS, My son is 5 and for his birthday we bought him a Diamond Atomic. They are bad ass for the little guys. It is basically an adult bow shrunk down. It can take most of the accessories that the adult bows can. I did a ton on research and we settled on...
  9. nicapopolis

    Another Trophy poacher...

    Wait... did he shoot the smaller of the two? Those are both pretty good bucks. We get some good bucks around here. Our community is 5 acre minimum lots with a 100 acre county open space in the middle. Deer will eat from bird feeders, left over horse/livestock feed, and water troughs. They also...
  10. nicapopolis

    Chestnut Bellied Sandgrouse

    I had never heard of these birds and did not know they had them in Hawaii. Sweet.
  11. nicapopolis

    Found this interesting

    I was confused by that as well, Ed. I wasn't sure if the OP was suggesting that the injury caused the left and right side antler to not match perfectly or if they were un related comments. Nice bull, good job.
  12. nicapopolis

    Girl’s 1st hog

    Awesome. Strong dad work!
  13. nicapopolis

    Eurasian Collared Dove Hunting Decoys DIY

    Fun project. Let us know how they work.
  14. nicapopolis

    Jicarilla guides

    Sweet. I like dead elk.
  15. nicapopolis

    First coues

    Stay strong, Roy!
  16. nicapopolis

    Temecula trip. - Fly into ONT or SAN

    Tenaja Falls in Feb for sure. That is off a main forest service road. Were you worried about snow? If so, it is low elevation, no snow.
  17. nicapopolis

    Pads for dog crates?

    Awesome, Scott. I am glad those worked out for you. Did you receive them yet? Quality seem good?
  18. nicapopolis

    First coues

    Hell yeah, Skeeter!
  19. nicapopolis

    Bad start to a great day

    Wow!!! Those are 2 fine bwts. Hell yeah, Ron! 15 years on wade is unheard of!
  20. nicapopolis

    Had to say goodbye

    Bummer. Sorry to hear about your loss.