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  1. El Maton

    Mexican Goulds Turkey

    Went down south of the border and put the smack down on a few birds! Wasn't easy but we got er dun!
  2. El Maton

    Mexico Coues

    Got to spend some time down in Old Mexico with some super cool vatos (that means dudes) at the end of January this year. They have a Youtube channel called "The Mountain Project". Jay and Chase are some real stand up good dudes that love the pursuit of the hunt more than the kill itself. We saw...
  3. El Maton

    Land of Enchantment Oryx

    Last year after having a conversation with Paul about some of the other hunting opportunities in New Mexico I decided to give an Oryx hunt a shot. All I can say is WOW what an awesome time and a beautiful animal in a amazing place!
  4. El Maton

    NM ELK!!

    Not real sure how to put it other than just UN-FRICKIN REAL!!! Paul and DickWeed are an amazing pair of dudes! (But we all already knew that!) Here are a couple pics....Story to follow, still on the way home! Part of me still can't believe what we accomplished!
  5. El Maton

    Hog hunt or rabbits?

    Had a chance to get out with my 2 faviorate girls and do some damage control on the local hog or rabbit population. Thankfully my girls chose to go with the puercos! After covering lots of ground we came up on a few and it was game on! My girls had a blast and the landowner was stoked that we...
  6. El Maton

    Black Beauty!

    Look at her! 257 Weatherby Mag Accumark topped off with a Night Force NXS 5.5 22x50 Them So Cal forkies don't stand a chance! HA! Is it hunting season yet?!
  7. El Maton

    Anyone hear from Hatchet?

    Beeing that his 9ers got beat by the choakland faiders....heck im afraid he might be suicidal. ...lets hope not.
  8. El Maton


    What experiences have you guys had with this rifle? I have one and have used it in Texas 3 different times twice on deer once on a pig. All dropped dead on the spot. Now that my kids are coming along more often I've been thinking about using it more in the future. For me shot placement is key...
  9. El Maton


    Well its time....anyone here going to any games? I will be attending Fridays game and it should be a blast...Paul i will take pictures for you :smiley-camera:
  10. El Maton

    New Add

    Found a picture of Hatchet from back in the day....he really hasn't really changed much!
  11. El Maton

    LUCKY TO BE ALIVE!!!!!!!

    This boy is definitely one lucky hombre. I thank GOD he is okay and that no other person was involved. Long story short we went out fishing with Paulc and his kids on a Tuesday morning out to Catalina and set sail about 5 a.m so I woke him up about 3:45 I know he didn't go to bed until well...
  12. El Maton

    Father daughter time!

    I get a call last Monday . Hey hows everything? Want to come up and look for some pigs? Haven't really been seeing much lately but if you put in the effort im sure you will find one or 30 just depends. Without hesitation i was in! I asked my 2 younger daughters (5 & 9 yr olds) if they wound like...
  13. El Maton

    Careful folks...these people exist!!

  14. El Maton

    Show me your pigs!

    Its the off season so not a lot of action going on lets see some puercos I need something to hold me over until Friday the 13th when I get my G3 tag and my sheep tag. So lets see them ugly moofoos! Here are a couple to get us started!
  15. El Maton

    911 call

    Hatch....did you ever have to go pick up one of these vatos back in the day?
  16. El Maton

    Dont get no better than this!

    The headline says it all folks! Real proud of all the boys on the team...... hard working..... dedicated young men for sure! RISE UP!
  17. El Maton

    Got the word!

    Well I got a tip on a good spot on the hill......we shall see what unfolds tomorrow..........stay tuned my friends! :4cjq2h3_th: :archer-green:
  18. El Maton

    Burn areas?

    With all the fires that have been going on lately I was thinking how does it affect the hunts? I personally have never hunted a burn area. Has anyone had experiences hunting them...good or bad?  
  19. El Maton

    A dog named Hatchet

    Anyone been watching Mountain Men? I have taken a liken to Rich...the dude is a bad ass and i would love to spend time on the mountain with that dude...might learn a thing or 2. Anyways he has a new dog named Hatchet....hes a stubborn hard headed S.O.B don't really listen all that well but Rich...
  20. El Maton

    Bird food thief !!!!!!!!!

    So my girls wanted a bird feeder so we could watch all the little birds eat while we enjoy our days in the back yard. First couple of days things looked normal...would have to fill it about once a week. Then all of a sudden it was empty almost daily. And to be honest I was like WTF this is...