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  1. bpnclark

    Lake Sonoma

    I put my daughter in for the draw a few days ago and she drew the tag! Anyone have a secret spot, or are they all over the place? I need to find the biggest flock that are used to people feeding them, because this kid is not the hunter in the family, and I'm really glad her first tag she drew is...
  2. bpnclark

    2017 Coues

    Anyone else going? Leaving Wednesday for my only hunt/tag this year.
  3. bpnclark

    Trekking poles

    Looking to buy my first set. Haven't used them before and now need them. What's the brand to stay away from?
  4. bpnclark

    Brother's coues

    Got a text yesterday. He's really happy with this one.
  5. bpnclark

    CO 3rd

    This year was pretty hot in CO! 40-45 degrees at 6am. Didn't see any of the big deer we saw last year. Rut was not on but it seemed it was just about to start. All the deer we saw were big body thin horned 4x4s and 3x3s. My buddy could not wait to shoot a deer, so he shot the first 4x4...
  6. bpnclark

    Elk heart

    Anyone have a good recipe for cooking heart? I'm thinking about slicing it and breading it. I have a chunk of liver to cook so I think I'm going to just do both at the same time. Anyone have a different way? Something to make the kids eat it to?
  7. bpnclark

    Grizzly Island

    Did the orientation tonight for the kid's cow hunt tomorrow. Got to go into the closed areas and take a look. A couple great bulls out there! Shot these with the Canon 300mm. Tomorrow morning a different 300 is coming out!
  8. bpnclark

    Kuiu garage sale

    Anyone there?
  9. bpnclark

    Grouse question

    Probably a stupid question but – How do you tell the difference between a Greater Sage grouse and a Blue grouse when they’re flying? Do they live in the same area? I was hunting X12 last year and found a place where they were flying by the flock (never saw anything like it). It was by Bodie and...
  10. bpnclark


    What’s up guys. This year was another bust for me. Did a solo trip to Nevada for a mule deer muzzleloader hunt. Got rained out of the first spot I tried, didn’t see any deer in the second spot and found deer in the third spot but ran out of time. Backpacked into X12 and couldn’t make it happen...
  11. bpnclark

    pit rusted barrel

    So I let a guy use my omega. He brought it back and said he cleaned it. I looked at it and it did look clean. Then I put in behind the bedroom door and left it there for 8 months without even looking at it. I started moving things around in the safe and went to put the gun in and noticed inside...
  12. bpnclark

    CO draw

    CO draw is available. Looks like I'm "guiding" for deer in Nov.....
  13. bpnclark

    Lead-free lands

    I havent been on here for a while so I’m not sure if this has been on here before, but I just realized that the lead band starts again this year. All DF&G lands have to be lead free? So every place on this list has to be lead free? I’m pretty...
  14. bpnclark


    Good luck to you guys. Looks like a great opening weekend. I cant remember the last time the season opened when it wasn't +80 degrees!
  15. bpnclark

    Spenceville Wildlife Area

    Has anyone hunted this area or walks/jogs it? I guess a lot of people hunt turkeys there, but I guess they have some deer? My daughter drew the J-16 either sex tag and I'm thinking about driving up there on Sat for the day to check it out. We want to take the first doe we see. Anyone know where...
  16. bpnclark

    AZ Elk

    Just got a text from my brother this morning. Looks like he found a new spot....
  17. bpnclark

  18. bpnclark

    Fish Disease

    Well I learned something new this week that I wanted to share. I’ve never heard about this and it almost killed my lab this week. I guess there’s a parasite in salmon and trout that’s fatal to dogs??? Long story short – my wife and kids came back from a family camping trip to Lake Siskiyou. The...
  19. bpnclark

    shed hunt'n

    Just got back from a SoCal trip. Found this one on the way down. Looks like a big one. I didnt draw a tag so hopefully he'll be a little bit bigger when I finally do!
  20. bpnclark

    Nevada has posted!!!

    Just kidding........