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    Waterfowl Gear

    There’s a Sportsman’s Whse in Murrieta now.
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    Just a quick question...

    I still take a peek here, while most of my time is taken up moderating on another duck hunting type planet.
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    Draws are up. Anyone get lucky?

    G13 it’s a start.
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    Temecula trip. - Fly into ONT or SAN

    For a good hike/run, Main Divide Road off the Ortega Highway (SR-74) is about 20 miles end to end. Wherever ya go keep an eye out for the buzz tails.
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    It sucks to be a duck hunter in So. California

    Ya know, that is a fundamental truth. Finding alternatives to public land is mostly good fortune, but it still happens.
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    Tons of birds showed up this week in Niland, CA

    Welcome to the Wister Campground!
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    Love them Trains (some more)

    It's still a great place to take the little guys even just to see Thomas and friends.
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    R.I.P LLOYD...

    RIP Lloyd.
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    Welcome to The Outdoors Forum

    Yay!!!! Thanks!
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    Welcome to The Outdoors Forum

    My original user name is API. Thanks.
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    Welcome to The Outdoors Forum

    BTW, how do I retrieve my original user name?
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    Welcome to The Outdoors Forum

    Just popped in and need to surf about a bit. For sure the look is new. Will there eventually be a more extensive smiley menu?
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    I got two "unsuccessfuls" for my donation to the opener drawing pile too.
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    Temecula trip. - Fly into ONT or SAN

    Driving miles between SD airport to Temecula versus Ontario to Temecula is almost exactly the same. Depending upon time of day, the drive from Ontario to Temecula is almost always quicker.
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    Favorite Camping meal?

    The standard campground diet for what seems forever is grilled giant Hebrew Nats from Costco with mustard and catsup on a deli bun all washed down with copious amounts of beer.
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    Road issues and opening day

    Well, I'm an optimist. I put in my rezzie list for the Wiz yesterday.
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    RIP Tred

    Always liked to read his articles in Sport fishing magazine. RIP Tred.
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    Mystic Lake

    Just park by the Red Barn if ya can find it. :smiley-wnk-yellow:
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    Legalizing Gold Dredging in Calif . Again ?!?

    About 30 or 40 years ago, my fil (who is a mining engineer, South Dakota School of Mines) did quite a bit of dry placer mining in the Mojave Desert. For sure there is gold out there to be found.