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  1. muledeer07

    Very good article on the Salton Sea
  2. muledeer07

    Best opening day ever

    At the end of deer season last year dad had mentioned that he figured he had 1 more year of deer hunting in him at 80 years old. He has gone with me on my hunts on MCC the previous 2 years always telling me that he was perfectly happy to just get out and see the woods with his son. He was asking...
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    Anyone been out to Wister in the last week

    I was just wondering if any of our locals out there have been by Wister in the last week or so. I was just curious about flood up. Please bare with me, I'm not concerned or complaining in ANY way what so ever. Just asking a question. I know how good it looked the last time I was out that way...
  4. muledeer07

    Did anyone watch that Discovery shark show (Submarine)

    I know most of that stuff they show on there has been edited to death and some of it I'm calling BS. But if you watched that show and saw all the actual rescue footage trying to save those people and the fricking size of that shark. Nightmares for those of us who spend a lot of time in the...
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    Bluefin monsters

    Long story short, I don't get into politics neither does the capt of the pacific queen. The website said 91 yellowfin WRONG, here is what we caught. We started at 500am with most of the boat using 20-25 like the 2 day guys had said we had to use to get a bite as well as the capt and the crew...
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    Opening Weekend Double

    Started off Saturday in arguably my favorite spot of the club. Only 2 gobbles way off in the distance. Not what I wanted to hear for Dads first turkey hunt. Made our first set up in a trusted spot. Sat till about 8:00am. Decided we'd walk the back road and look for tracks. Saw a few tracks...
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    Happy Birthday Mikey

    Have a BD cold one for me buddy, we'll get after them Bluefin shortly.
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    Does anyone have a load for buckshot with Alliant steel powder

    The reason I ask this is I found a 5 pound bag of 00buck in my garage while I was cleaning it out while out on medical leave. Also found a couple bags of AA winchester hulls and WAA12R wads. I have some recipes for those with green dot and blue dot powder. But my gun store in town has no powder...
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    Lizard saves the day

    Saturday was my last hunt of the turkey season. I have surgery in 2 weeks and wanted the next 2 weekends to do some heavy work around the house and spend time with the family. It's been pretty slow the last 2 weeks, I;ve had a few close opportunities but just couldn't close the deal for one...
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    He shoots (HE SCORES)

    Got a call this morning and some pics, Wanted to be the first to Congratulate you buddy. Well Done. Sure he'll chime in with the story and pics.
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    Happy Birthday Mikey

    Take care buddy have some fun and empty your in box, lol
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    97 Coleman tent trailer, 12' camo aluminum boat and a 4hp suzuki 4 stroke

    Just bought the wife a new car and it has to go in the garage so the trailer and boat gotta go. I'll dig up some pics tomorrow but I wanted this out today. The Coleman tent trailer is in excellent condition sleeps 6 comfortably, the only issue is 1 of the 2 water tanks has a hole. Registered...
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    Got #2 But it's getting tough

    All three areas I hunted this weekend on MCC the birds will gobble on the roost then when there feet hit the ground not another sound. The whole flocks are scattering as well. Hens go one way the jakes another and haven't found where the Toms are going they all have a pre set destination in...
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    Happy Birthday Greg

    Hope your doing something Want to do.
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    My Opening day Tom

    Hit the lottery for the opener on MCC and promised myself no jakes this day. Had plenty of chances to go back on my word throughout the day but stuck with it. Had some longbeards early that would close no further than 61yards and just couldn't pull the trigger. Had another one walking back up to...
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    22 ammo

    I know this is a shot in the dark, but has anyone been able to find any 22 rounds. Forget about on-line, I only have a couple of stores around my house down here that even sell ammo and they've been empty forever. I have a couple of friends up in LA that find it every once in awhile just thought...
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    SCI Auction for anyone interested

    San Diego SCI Auction '13 February 9, 2013 @ 4pm Make reservations today for Auction ’13, February 9, 2013. Doors open at 4 p.m. at Town & Country Convention Center, San Diego. Don’t put it off. SCI “free” Membership will be given to all non-members Surprise entertainment and hosted bar service...
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    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just got the call from Steve this morning about Josh. My heart goes out to you Josh. I doubt if there is a finer honest young man than you my friend. Please know that you are not alone. We as hunters have to stand up and fight this travesty. To all outdoorsmen please know that you are no...
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    Snake training references close to Oceanside

    Its time to get Nala snake trained and most of you know I am cursed with seeing rattlesnakes constantly so I need my dogs on the top of there game when it comes to buzzworms. Nala is 10 months and ready. I would have used Rainey's but our idiotic San Diego stopped that so somewhere else close...
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    Need some gunsmithing help

    I have a 33 year old Rem 700adl 30-06, I need the barrel deep cleaned and bedded and the trigger lightened. Any close suggestions. Would you use Duncans in San Marcos if they could have it back by deer season. Any one else don't want to drive all the way up to Bolsa gunsmithing.