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  1. Mrfish

    Balance of state is up.

    Put in every year, get skunked every year. At least I know what to expect!
  2. Mrfish

    NZ 2019

    That's a new way of packing out/tenderizing an animal! Cool videos
  3. Mrfish

    R.I.P LLOYD...

    Sorry to hear. Just had to put my work dog down, I was a wreck too.
  4. Mrfish

    Pads for dog crates?

    I use these. Work great. Easy to clean. Last for years and are just enough to keep the dog warm if its a little nippy.
  5. Mrfish

    Handguns and lead ammo on person while deer hunting

    I'd prefer a rifle for personal protection anyway.
  6. Mrfish

    Bass Hill Wildlife Area Camping?

    There is an RV park in Milford, about 10 miles down the road. There is also a USFS campground on Milford Grade. Might be kind of a mess right now due to the fire though.
  7. Mrfish

    2019 Archery Bear

    Won't be long until those types of hikers are a food source for wolves in the sierra. Nice bear!!
  8. Mrfish

    15.5 inches of twisted freak down!

    He was still some does son, so rude.....
  9. Mrfish

    Just east of Lake Almanor.

    They've been hammering that rancher's cows for years. I'm surprised they've made it this long.
  10. Mrfish

    Your Cheatin' Fish!

    Now that's funny
  11. Mrfish

    Non-Lead Ammo

    Been using those in my reloads for my Tikka 270. seems to do pretty well
  12. Mrfish

    Best California Archery only Deer tag for 2019?

    Not saying they aren't there, I've never seen any truly big bucks come off that bass hill hunt like you do some of the other hunts in the state like devils garden, goodale or some of the other late season hunts.
  13. Mrfish

    NV Bear Poachers

    Wish they got this excited to hammer down on deer poaching
  14. Mrfish

    Northerns and smallies

    Did a club tourney last weekend up here in Norcal. Colddddd in the morning with snow fog on the water first thing but my 4 year old wanted to go, he held up better than I thought he would. Long runs up the lake in the morning, but there are bigguns to be had. Got big fish for the tourney with...
  15. Mrfish

    Proposed dates in California

    Probably wont be able to get up into D zone until november anyway!
  16. Mrfish

    Arkansas Duck Hunters worried about the future

    damn duckers....
  17. Mrfish

    House training?

    DK is spot on. Thats what I have done. High praise when they do go outside so they realize its a good thing, and what they are supposed to do.
  18. Mrfish

    Deer and chickens

    He did pretty well. He lagged behind at one point getting side tracked when I had to chase after my dogs when they got into a group of birds, but other than that he did well and like it. He loves to fish so i figured this wouldn't be too different for him. The buck was a third season. I can...
  19. Mrfish

    Deer and chickens

    That one of the left was a prick! Luckily my black lab found him in some nasty crap when I dumped him. But the buck was cool too....
  20. Mrfish

    Deer and chickens

    Made the trek to Colorado for a 3rd season hunt, and then turned right around when I got back and got the dogs and jr out for some wild roosters.