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    Kenetrek Boots

    Anyone wearing Kenetreks desert guide boot? If so, tell me what you think. I've worn through my hardscrabbles and am considering going to the desert guide boot. Especially if anyone has worn both and could weigh in with a comparison that would be great. I have tried quite a few different boots...
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    The Technical Side of things

    This thread started it's life titled 'the great brace height debate'. As I reread it before sending it out into the WWW I decided it was much more than that. I am in the process of making a not so easy transition. One from being a guy who owns,shoots, and kills stuff with a bow. To being a guy...
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    Proof reading is everyone's friend

    Good laugh, imagine explaining this one to your third grader.
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    Some real wisdom from Siri

    Ok, for all of the I phone guys and gals. Siri really does have some wisdom. Ask Siri "what is zero divided by zero?"....listen to her explain this long debated mathematical equation to you.
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    D11/ San Gabriel Mountains deer hunting

    I'm hoping everyone can help me solve a mystery. Did the new national monument name tag shut down deer hunting in the San Gabriels?? Was that a very popular hunting area in the past? The reason for all the questions: The draw success for D-12 changed DRASTICALLY this year. I'm trying to figure...
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    venison tri-tip

    Venison tri-tip has to be one of the best kept secrets. Dash of olive oil to keep the rub on and don't over cook it. Anybody else prefer this tender morsel?
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    Show of Hands... come on get them up!

    Show of hands... How many TOFers are coming to the DWU banquet tonight. How many of you are going to support the only organization that is dedicated to creating and maintaining PUBLIC hunting opportunities in the Imperial Valley. The raffle items and silent auction items are better than ever...
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    Countdown is in single digits for D12!

    Well as the countdown is set to expire the anticipation is increasing. Archery season starts this Saturday. Lots of real nice bucks spotted over the past few weeks. Hopefully the wind will stay steady and find a buck with ear plugs. Good luck to all of you who suffer from my same addiction of...