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  1. muledeer07

    IV Flatty

    Nice Flatty Barry.
  2. muledeer07

    Jicarilla guides

    Hunted with them last year Yort. Eldon and Lionel Tellamonte. Or however you spell it. Would recommend them in a second buddy. If there busy let them recommend a guide for you. They would be my first choice every single time. Hope this helps. Need any other help with the hunt just PM me.
  3. muledeer07

    Catfish Junction RV Park, Oregon

    Very nice Mikey, dang fine vittles right there.
  4. muledeer07

    Non-Lead Ammo

    I have to agree to disagree on the copper bullet argument. I shoot a Ruger 06 it absolutely loves the barnes ttsx 150gr. Best patterns I ever got with that rifle. I agree the barrel does get hot much quicker and accuracy drops after 10 rounds. But so far results on critters has been exceptional...
  5. muledeer07

    rifle sled? for old man

    Get him the lead sled field pod. There not that heavy to carry into the woods. He can sit down to shoot it and if your getting a lighter recoiling rifle to shoot it will be fine. I shoot an 06 off of mine and the recoil is substantially less.
  6. muledeer07

    Serious question for the Duckers

    Your problem started when you put the duck decoys in the pond Paul. Try the swans then a coyote decoy at last resort pellet rifle.
  7. muledeer07

    Im a grandpa

    Congrats Mike and family, very happy for you all buddy.
  8. muledeer07

    If you like hunting stories...

    Happy New Year Neil!!
  9. muledeer07

    Anyone seen my Generator?

    Glad all is well skunk, that was a long long time ago in a different world. Koz doing well he's in OHIO hunting the deer and ducks in the corn. I miss the old days.
  10. muledeer07

    another great trip

    Perfect size best eating size of the lot. Glad you had a great trip. Looking forward to the Jic coming up soon.
  11. muledeer07

    A Prayer Request.... Please

    Prayers sent my friend. We are so sorry to hear that. Stay strong Rick.
  12. muledeer07

    Thunderbird tuna

    Good Luck GDL Don't hurt your self LOL I see a cow in your future.
  13. muledeer07

    Another great trip

    Sorry to hear that. I was hoping to maybe run into you up there. Well I'll do a story for you when we get back. Thank you for all your help.
  14. muledeer07

    Another great trip

    Great trip. Did you ever get a tag for Jicarilla?
  15. muledeer07

    X Zone Buck

    Beautiful buck Jeff way to stick it out.
  16. muledeer07

    Moose Mount

    DAMN X 2 Congrats you two.
  17. muledeer07

    Tanner Banks wide open

    Very nice and congrats to you and grandaughter. Raising her right.
  18. muledeer07

    Koufax the warrior...

    Very sorry for your families loss. Judging from the pics Koufax had an amazing 15 years doing what he loved for the person he loved. Very fitting tribute, we have all suffered thru these losses. Never makes it any easier. RIP Koufax.
  19. muledeer07

    Proud Hubby

    Damn fine job girl, Congrats.
  20. muledeer07

    Life goal complete

    Now thats a lifetime memory and a picture that will never come down off the wall. Congrats to you and your son.