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    Pheasant opener 2020

    The pheasant are raised and released by DWU volunteers with no Cal F&W funding. It will happen this season.
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    1994 Land cruiser for sale

    Any pics available?
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    Youth opener

    Phenomenal!!!! Big congrats to that youngster.
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    The Passing of a Legend

    DWU is alive and well. His great work continues on and is growing. Contact info isnt hard to find, let's all pitch in to keep it going. I heard there is a whole new flight pen being constructed soon for the pheasants and mallards.
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    Desert Bighorn Hunt

    A remarkable ram! You definitely earned that bad boy. Congrats!
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    The Wyoming Incident....

    That's awesome! Great buck and good times!!
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    D zone buck

    Well done!
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    Learning a New Area

    I would not consider a 2 1/2 year old ram to be mature. Congratulations on drawing the tag. This will be a monumental experience. Hats off for deciding to use your bow. You have seriously raised the stakes. I will be following the story closely.
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    AZ is Hitting Cards!!!

    Looking forward to youth hunt #2. Theres a very excited kid at my house.
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    IV Fishing

    Chicken liver on a slider has been a winner for me for years.
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    Bowhunter Confirmed

    Very awesome!! Congrats to the young man.
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    Who's up for a hunt?

    Well....after hearing that "stink pigs" were not edible and testing that theory. I will gladly give nutria a try.
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    Shotgun hunting mishap

    Hope for a fast recovery
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    Shotgun hunting mishap

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    Camera bandits caught red handed!!!

    I'm pretty sure the public shaming that has gone on the last few days is going to be a much more memorable punishment than anything the courts would do. (Assuming of course, that they would do anything) Sureshot is right, if it isn't yours then just leave it alone. Pretty simple. Saddens me that...
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    Camera bandits caught red handed!!!

    Pretty sure he isn't responsible for all of the camera issues, but MAN it feels good to know someone got caught and is getting hung out to dry for doing it. It takes a lot of time and money to run a string of cameras to be sure no deer have migrated into the unit.
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    Deer Hunting Tips & Tactics

    Crap! Now everybody will know my secret spot
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    D zone madness.

    Solid success. Congrats and keep 'em coming
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    Dickweed's NM bull

    Way to go guys. Great day, Congratulations
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    Vortex 18X56 vs 20X56

    The new one has air conditioned seats....doesn't get any better. Waiting for a built in refrigerator to be offered.