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    CHC2021 save our boats

    Here's what i wrote to these deviants. Too much? : Will this even be read? I doubt it. Does anyone here care about freedom even a little bit? How could they?, when their actions clearly show that the price paid for our FREEDOM has so obviously been forgotten. What a sad state of affairs! Who...
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    Statewide national forest closure

    Anybody else pissed off about the statewide nf closure?
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    Happy holidays!

    Sad to see tof as it has become these days. Wonder if it will ever be the same again. Just the same i want to wish all of you outdoors lovers happy holidays!
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    Saw something cool on the trail today.

    Quiet around here. Just thought I'd share. This was on a trail in Sierra Madre CA. Midday.
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    Happy Memorial weekend

    All gave some. Some gave all. Hope you all have a lovely, long weekend!
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    Fight to keep and bear in Cali

    Would like to share this and see some feedback on your thoughts. Site link is: Body of 'the lawsuit' page: My name is Mark Baird. I have retained an attorney and will seek a restraining...
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    Fowl play! Keeping your head above water?

    Hope all is well and you're keeping your head above water out there! Don't know what part of the state you're in.
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    Sit... Good girl!

    My brothers neighbor's yard up in azusa canyon. Have a look in the background.
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    in case you havent heard, cali's fightin
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    The worst day fishing

    Fishing off the rocks at palos verdes has been my favorite place to fish for many years. I've been skunked or close to it more times than I've done well there over the years, but the times i've done well and the sheer beauty of the place have kept me coming back again and again, when I can free...
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    Perseid meteor shower

    Models are predicting possibly 200 meteors per hour! It'll be close to an hour and a half drive for me to get to dark sky's but I wouldn't want to miss it.
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    Anybody hunt the San Ynez river area up near SB?

    So I spent one of the last two days of the general spring turkey season scouting out some of the San Ynez river area. It was the only time I could find to get away. I think I was the only one there which was really nice for listening. Quiet. I really need to spend quite a bit more time up there...
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    26 Rattlesnakes under texas deer blind Am I the only one that thinks these guys were just plain lazy idiots to not take down their deer blind in the first place last year? I know most guys got no respect for 'varmints' but I respect all the creators...
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    Washington post article

    I just read an article in the WP from yahoo's main page: The right to bear arms isnt up for debate. But one sentence stood out to me: It makes no sense to allow the representatives of a free people to disarm their masters. It sadens me no end that there are so many out there who would do just...
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    Archery hunter recovering after Idaho grizzly bear attack

    Didn't see anything about it on here, so I thought I would share: Stay safe out there!