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  1. Cazador Suerte

    Mast Cell Tumors

    My 4 year old lab had a tumor pop up on her belly earlier this year. Had it cut out and pathology came back as Grade 2 Mast Cell Tumor. Not great, but it was all cut out. Last week, another one popped up in a different location. Not good. Waiting a week or two to see if more pop up before...
  2. Cazador Suerte

    Taxidermy of another

    An old friend called and her father passed away....he has an extensive collection of horned animals and some other stuff....bears, wolverines, etc. They want to pass it along. Any special rules on this stuff?
  3. Cazador Suerte

    Moby Duck

  4. Cazador Suerte

    Birds Landing Pheasant Club

    Its certainly not South Dakota, but got a chance to check this place out last week....pretty cool set up for a kick a pheasant experience. The birds flew well, the fields had nice cover, and the folks were very friendly and helpful. Nice place if you ever get the chance....about an hour out of...
  5. Cazador Suerte

    Federal Duck Stamps

    Had to go to 3 post offices before I found one that had one Federal Duck Stamp left..... The other two said that the manager doesn't believe in hunting, so didn't order any this year. We can special order you one, and it will be here in a week to 10 days. I usually get mine from CWA, but they...
  6. Cazador Suerte

    Canada 2015

    Made you look! I didn't make it up there this year, but figured some of the rest of you must have??? Some buds went up the first part of September and it was a bit slow....birds hadnt moved down yet in big numbers. They did whack a bunch of ducks and had a 30 minute dark goose limit morning...
  7. Cazador Suerte

    California Water Restrictions

    Wonder how this will effect flooding of the refuge and access to water for duck clubs???
  8. Cazador Suerte

    Another Youth Sports Moment.....

    The offspring and his teammates did it again. Made a grown man cry. AYSO Extra Western States Championship this Sunday in Lake Forest. The boys from HB did it again!!....coming from behind in the semifinal game to win in OT 3-2 and winning the Championship game 2-1 after being down 1-0 ...
  9. Cazador Suerte

    Surfing beans

    Got out for a three hour session this morning. Six beans and one Spotfin. Good fun and left them biting. Mother Nature at work on the seals. Saw 3 dead ones on the beach. Heard they are starving because there is no bait?
  10. Cazador Suerte

    Whitetail growth
  11. Cazador Suerte

    Decoy cleaning

    I have Been having trouble getting the IV mud/talcum powder out of the grooves on the blue collar decoys. Used a "magic eraser" today and it worked awesome. Little white sponge type thing wife uses to get marks off the kids white furnature.
  12. Cazador Suerte

    Cleaning taxidermy???

    Having some work done at the house and the waterfowl taxidermy got pretty dusty. Wondering what the best way to clean them is? Guessing the garden hose is not the best choice?
  13. Cazador Suerte


    Calm warm All set up and waiting. Teal are buzzing. Mallards quacking. Pintail whistles. Could be a good morning? Good luck to all that are in the marsh.
  14. Cazador Suerte

    Jan 3

    34. Clear no wind. Dog has shivers. Set up and waiting. Full moon set a bit ago, so was up all night. Big orange moon. Good luck to those that are out.
  15. Cazador Suerte

    Dec 27

    Drive down was epic dodging shoppers. Glad to be in the marsh with the hound. A little breezy. Hoping SLC weather pushed some new birds down. We wait.
  16. Cazador Suerte

    SB 53 Action Alert

    I just got an email from CWA saying that this ammunition registration bill is up for vote and calling for emails and calls to be made. SB 53 (De Leon) has passed out of the Public Safety Committee in the Assembly, and is now awaiting final passage. In 2013, the bill lacked the votes...
  17. Cazador Suerte

    Where in the world is DKScott?

    Hope all is well.....
  18. Cazador Suerte

    Dodged a bullet

    Sophie, my 1.5 year old chocolate lab dodged a big bullet on Friday last. Bolted across the street right in front of a mini van. Lucky for her, the driver was on the breaks hard, and she was running full speed at the impact.....sent her flying about 15-20 yards sliding down the street...
  19. Cazador Suerte

    Alright....which one of you???? Pretty darn creative!
  20. Cazador Suerte

    4 casts into the surf ....

    and the boy and I were on the beach for 2.5 hours! First cast was a nice perch. We were on the LC today. He went about 13 inches Then second cast a small bean. About 12 inches Third cast was a little sting ray. Hate those things. Then it happened. 4 th cast. We had decided it would...