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    Youth Bow

    I just checked, it looks as if BPS changed the specs on the Intrigue. It used to be a lot more kid friendly. Its what my 11 year old daughter shoots. I got it for her a few years back.

    Youth Bow


    Youth Bow

    My kids are 11 and 14 now but I think they started at like 7-8 ish on real bows. Before that they had a Bear scout and a Bear Warrior III compound. All those were more like toys though. YMMV

    Youth Bow

    Get him a Diamond edge or a blackout intrigue for BPS. They can be adjusted to grow with the child through adulthood. Thats what my kids shoot.

    Labrador pups for sale

    I have a few left we are letting go at $600

    Labrador pups for sale

    Hey guys, I have some pups that will be ready to go home about 2 weeks before Christmas. Location Riverside, Ca Pm me if interested

    Training Birds..

    How many long guns can you buy in a day?

    No restrictions on long guns.

    Anybody know a good handgun instructor on the west side of LA?

    It might be worth a drive to Bass Pro on a Saturday. They have a couple of different private companies that teach gun courses there. They also have different classes based on experience levels. The name of one company is Inland firearms training. I cant remember the others. They use the indoor...
  10. BIGCIM

    Dove hunting steel shells

    Hogskin I had a box out of my order on backordered as well. I called Bass customer service and they sent me out #6's for the same price.
  11. BIGCIM

    Dove hunting steel shells

    Friend of mine ordered 20 cases. It should still be available.
  12. BIGCIM

    Dove hunting steel shells

    Perfectly legal to ship it to your local FFL for pick up. I shipped mine to Bass pro
  13. BIGCIM

    Dove hunting steel shells

    Under $4 a box for steel is a great price.
  14. BIGCIM

    Dove hunting steel shells

    There seems to be crazy deal right now on a case (250) of Winchester Super-x Xpert Hi-Velocity Steel shells. If you select #7's you get them for $36.99 a case. If you can find it cheaper post...
  15. BIGCIM

    Snake Avoidance

  16. BIGCIM

    Where are the Junior hunt reports?

    My son(13) and daughter(9) had a blast at San Jacinto. They put on one hell of an event again this year. We went home with 5 Spoonies and a Gadwall. My son shot his first double.
  17. BIGCIM

    Which Non-Lead 20-Gauge Ammo to use for yotes?

    No one makes it. Federal make 00buck in steel. Lead free in tungsten for yotes will be in T and smaller(off the shelf). Kent bismuth will be an option for your 20 gauge. If using apex ammo you can step down the shot size needed considerably.
  18. BIGCIM

    San Jacinto- can you purchase type A pass there?

    No. You will not get one there unless one of your fellow hunters happens to have an extra they are willing to part with.
  19. BIGCIM

    What happened to ilovesprig?

  20. BIGCIM

    Anyone in socal have beetles for Euro mount?

    I know a guy as well who just started. Im trying to get him to do my p[ig skull i have in the freezer. Ill let you know hoe it turns out.