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  1. mjb

    Turkey tune up 2/22 Lake Sutherland

    Cash or check, lic and upland stamp. Bring your ammo, gun, air rifle or bow to sight in. Raffles, food, draws & vendors to buy stuff! I'll be the RO stop by and say hi
  2. mjb

    A couple of cow & spike elk behavior pre rut questions

    I have a buddy that next year SHOULD pull Fishlake unit in UT during the rifle/rut. So this year a hand full of us are going to hit the cow/Spike archery tag for the same area to learn the area. Hunt dates are the first week in September. So I'm more interested in the cow Behavior. I've had a...
  3. mjb

    Remember Trig? Jake's event 6/22 sign up now!

    From the organizer Hi all, Today is the 1st day of sign-ups (June 1st)….I'll start taking calls at 6:00 am (760-803-4868)....The first 105 kids are in....After that, I'll take alternates. There is no cost for the youths, but there is a $10.00 fee for all adults....That includes t-shirts for...
  4. mjb

    Not bad for D16........

    Did my once a year ball buster D16 newboots hunt. Gotta a mature buck tending a hot doe but 17 miles and this heat makes me want to hunt in the white Buffalo. 3 days in the heat filtering water, eating MH and carrying everything on my back....came home with this guy after a Sunday 6am shot...
  5. mjb

    I need my lowa's rebuilt

    Any suggestions on who to use?
  6. mjb

    What's happening in NM?

    In a 15-second television commercial, Democratic candidate Pat Davis opens with an f-bomb before he even blinks. I could see a guy running...
  7. mjb

    These guys are on it.....there is hope Who knew math was white.....where do these people come from? I mean I've know some crazy people, one a serial killer & plenty of crazy chicks that I've date or married but I can't see where this logic comes from.
  8. mjb

    GSP puppies

    6 left my buddy has the male & female....papers, shots, dewormed, dewclaws they are in Winchester 1K
  9. mjb

    New Federal Turkey loads for 2018 New loads for this year not sure they're Cali legal but how do you get them here.....
  10. mjb

    2hrs 3 hunters & one dog gets it done! Gallo!

    Hit baja this past weekend for a full tailgate of limits in 2hrs
  11. mjb

    Pheasant opener

    Wow limit by good ditch
  12. mjb

    Dead deer.......

    Hatchet style....
  13. mjb

    Something is missing this year

    DUCK DRAMA seriously there's at least one or two by now......or am I just early I really miss those threads.....I love to see the passion
  14. mjb

    For those that have forgotten....... Such a happy day to remember these people and all their help.....
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  16. mjb

    Bino harness......what ya using

    My nimrod straps are worn out so I'm looking around. I don't want a covered case strapped to my chest that's for the truck. Only thing I don't like about the nimrod is the ride up my back or If I tighten in down then it's a PITA to lift up to my eye balls
  17. mjb

    The Second Amendment is getting serious.......again

    This is over the law to ban gun & ammo dealers within sensitive areas.......if you can't buy ammo or guns then what.....
  18. mjb

    Ducking doggie style!
  19. mjb

    Sign the 365 day CA fishing license Petition Even MX has a 365 day fishing license.......jeeeez CA democratic legislators it's just fishing and it's for the kids of course.....
  20. mjb

    Oh Boy

    Tell me what you think......30,000 refugees? This is from an email I received Three Charged With Fake Hate Crime - Zappy Pizza Incident (San Diego) In San Diego, Terry Crow, Scott Peretti and Sean Arevalo have been charged with a felony hate crime...