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  1. El Maton

    CA Draw Results

  2. El Maton

    Results are up.

    D13! Its on!
  3. El Maton

    Mexican Goulds Turkey

    For those of you inclined to take a look. Here ya go!
  4. El Maton

    Big Game Share Hunts- Steals from the Public

    I am not surprised one bit...but this is typical Comifornia type sh!t
  5. El Maton

    Mexico Coues

    We dun did good! Not everyday you can go 5 for 5 on couse deer and average over 100 inches!
  6. El Maton

    Mexico Coues

    Funny thing is all other hunters in camp were all competition shooters long range guys bringing there own guns blah blah blah...Like hatchet said....everyone's got a big cock until its time to show it!
  7. El Maton

    NC turkey

    Well done!
  8. El Maton

    Mexico Coues

    A few choice words were left out for the viewing audience....we watched from a mile away and it was hard to watch but your right that is the reality of hunting....luckily the guides are super good dudes and get it! Oh and it gets better....Fridays episode has a few more adventures in it.
  9. El Maton

    Mexico Coues

    Definitely the way to go!
  10. El Maton

    Mexico Coues

    For anyone inclined to check out the hunt. Here is the link. Enjoy! :beer-toast:
  11. El Maton

    Two Out Of Three

    Nice work Ike! I never knew how fun chasing these things was!
  12. El Maton

    Mexican Goulds Turkey

    The hunt itself was tough, birds were not cooperating as good as in a week prior.... the hunting trip itself was a blast! It will be on The Mountain Project YouTube channel at some point so you can get a first hand look at the trip.
  13. El Maton

    Mexican Goulds Turkey

    He sure did, was a birthday gift for the wife....yeah I know!
  14. El Maton

    Mexican Goulds Turkey

    Was able to post 1 picture then after that I guess I reached my monthly picture posting abilities.
  15. El Maton

    Mexican Goulds Turkey

    Went down south of the border and put the smack down on a few birds! Wasn't easy but we got er dun!
  16. El Maton

    Toyota 4Runner failing smog

    Looks like fake news to me!
  17. El Maton

    2019 YOUTH OPENER!!

    Way to go! Nice trip indeed.....whats all the green stuff in the picture?
  18. El Maton

    Bowhunter Confirmed

    Thats whats its allll about!
  19. El Maton

    Mexico Coues

  20. El Maton

    Mexico Coues

    Son chingones! :smiley-faces-toast-beers: